A couple of months ago I hit a creative rut. I felt kind of stuck in the blogging world, and it became very discouraging. Every time a stranger asks me “What do you for a living,” I answer stay at home mom because blogger—well I know most people think…

“Oh you’re a person who blogs as an outlet for narcissism and bad taste,” or, “Damn that’s not a real job is it? You actually make money writing dumb shit online?” Yea that’s really what someone asshole the other day at the mall kiosk said to me. I smiled and clap backed, “Yeah bruh I actually make money doing that shit. Are you a part of douchebag tribe seeing as you got your whole left sleeve covered in douchey tribal tattoos.”

I’m fortunate that I’m able to pursue something that I’m passionate about at this point, and I shouldn’t feel ashamed by it because of other people’s misperceptions.

Currently the mommy blogging world is extremely over saturated. Actually the blogging market in general has become over saturated because these days it’s so easy to start a blog. It feels like all the bloggers especially the mommy and fashion bloggers are starting to become carbon copies of each other. What ever happened to originality?!

I swear almost every blogger I see nowadays is like a homeschoolin’, garage door photo loving, chevron inspired, natural wood arrow using, mason jar drinking, gluten free cooking, Jesus lovin’, white kitchen, and white sheet photo lovin’ mama. Woah that was a mouth full! You catch my drift, though. I see it all over Instagram and Pinterest it’s all these bloggers posing in front of their white garage door or laying in their bedroom (walls painted white) with their kids draped in stark white sheets.

And if that’s genuinely how you roll and what you like that’s totally cool, but please don’t think that because you’re a blogger you have to fit that mold. You don’t have to copy what the other bloggers do. I like color that’s why I have color in my house!

For awhile I felt that I needed to be like the other bloggers in order to be successful, but the truth is I don’t. You don’t.

Blog life is life ‘based’ on a true story. Never compare your real life with someone else’s blog life. Blog life is the story of the best parts of real life. The drama has been omitted to protect the innocent.

I know I paint a pretty picture online for the most part, but my blog is just a small part of my unfiltered life. It’s only a small fragment of the full painting. I’m far from perfect just like everyone else. That’s why it hurt me when I saw people online and in real life tearing me and my blog apart. It hurt. I have been nothing but open and honest, and people still feel the need to criticize me as a person and worst of all as a mother.

I’m going to be 100% honest and admit that it broke me. The fucking trolls broke me. I read the things people were saying about me one night thinking, “Oh this will be funny.” It wasn’t funny. It was downright painful to read. My heart sank, my eyes teared, and I completely shut down. I deleted my snapchat made all my social media private, and for the past two months I have only blogged about my nose job because I haven’t been ready to open my life back up again yet.

It took me awhile, but I finally snapped backed and remembered the reason(s) I started blogging.

I felt very out of place in the mom world. I felt like I didn’t quite fit it anywhere. I felt like I couldn’t fully relate to any blog out there. There a couple of blogs, such as Early Mama, who I could relate to somewhat.

But, unlike Michelle from Early Mama I became a mom at 18. I wasn’t married and the biological father of my daughter bailed out. My mother moved to a different city three months after I gave birth, so I was forced into adulthoodalone, single, young, and trying to care for a small child while going to college. The struggle was real.

Then I met David a few months before my 20th birthday, and my world changed once again. I became a mom for the second time, and I decided to become a stay at home. I don’t plan on going back to school until my children enter grade school.

David and I are not legally married. In fact he just finished signing off on his divorce. David, and I aren’t religious either. I would consider myself spiritual, but not religious. The few young mom blogs I have come across are Mormon young moms. You know their Instagram bio reads: wife/ mommy/ Jesus/LDS / i believe.  And they blog about dressing modestly and going to the LDS temple on Sundays. I don’t find anything wrong with that. Everyone is entitled to believe and write whatever they want on their blog, but I just find it difficult to relate to those type of young mom blogs.

That’s not me that’s not who I am. 

 I know no two stories are the same. We all come from different walks of life. That’s why I wanted to blog. I wanted to share my unique story. In the hopes that any teen/young reading would never feel alone like I did because being a young mom can often feel isolating. I wanted to share my chronicles of being a young mother.

I know a lot of you young moms out there have to work hard to support yourself and your kid(s). A lot of you may not have a partner. A lot of you may feel alone, and outed by the other moms because of your age. I know some of you might feel like you can’t relate to me because I’m a stay at home mom now with a partner who supports me, but I haven’t forgotten the struggle. I’ve been single and alone. I know what that feel likes.

Do you know how much I would’ve loved to have another mom my age to relate too?! I love when you guys send me personal emails. It reminds me that I’m not alone in the struggle and social stigma that comes with being a teen/young mom.

Currently when you google young mom blog about 5 regularly updated blogs appear. Google just mom blog and you’ll gets hundreds of thousands of blogs. That’s how I know my voice although small in the blogging world wants to be heard.

Disclaimer:  If you don’t agree with me that’s okay. Don’t like it? Don’t read it! Chronicles of a Young Mother reserves the right to modify or delete comments that are deemed harmful and unnecessary.

  Hey Beautiful! Thank you for reading!

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