I’d like to welcome my sister, Vanessa to Chronicles of a Young Mother. Since I don’t blog too much anymore, and she’s currently expecting her first child I thought it would be an excellent idea to bring her in as a contributor. Vanessa is 19 (she’ll be 20 in May). In addition to working part time she attends college. She’ll be able to bring a fresh viewpoint on young motherhood and share a lot of advice for overcoming some of the obstacles some of us young moms face today. I’m more a millennial, and she’s a generation z. She’s way more up to date on the current twitter trends and memes than me. 😀

I’m excited I’ll be an aunt, and although she’s young I know she’ll be a great mom. Please keep her unborn baby in you prayers. He has a rare condition called gastroschisis. I don’t want to get further into details, but just keep her and her baby in your thoughts. I’ll let her decide on whether or not how open she wants to be with her baby’s condition.

Hey Beautiful! Thank you for reading!

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