I’ve been trying unsuccessfully for the past month to ween my 16 month old son, Nolan. I thought weaning him would be easy. I even thought he would maybe wean himself, but he’s showing no signs of wanting to be weaned anytime soon. So, I feel kind of stuck, and conflicted. I want to personally stop nursing altogether by the end of this year, but at the same time if Nolan isn’t cooperating I don’t want to force it on him. He may very well be my last child. How crazy is that?! It still hasn’t hit me fully—Nolan is my last baby. I want to fully cherish every moment of our breastfeeding journey that I can. It has been so amazing and beautiful. I feel an extremely special and indescribable bond with my children because I breastfed them.

We have managed to get the day feeding to only one a day, and we finally managed to get him to go to bed without breastfeeding. However, he still wakes up about every 3-4 hours and wants to nurse for a good 30 minutes. We co-sleep, so I think he’s become very accustomed to having the breast close to him while sleeping.

Nolan hates cow’s milk. I’ve tried to give it to him with a little bit of chocolate, and I’ve tried to warm it up for him and every time he spits it up. I don’t blame him, though. I personally don’t drink milk ( I take a calcium supplement) mainly because it irritates my eczema, but also because I think cow’s milk taste disgusting. I much prefer Almond milk, so that’s what I’ve been giving Nolan who seems to enjoy it. But, it still doesn’t replace his beloved breast milk.

I always knew I would do extended breastfeeding (breastfeeding past the age of one), but I was unsure of when I would stop. With my daughter I stopped nursing her at 17 months. And, though it was hard for her I had her fully weaned in three days. I’ve spent the past month reading countless of blogs and information on how to wean, and I’ve come to the realization that there’s no need to rush it right now. Nolan is obviously not quite ready, so I’m not going to rush him. I’m going to just take things a day at a time and slowly cut feedings overtime, and hopefully in a couple of months we’ll have him fully weaned. Even though I feel ready to wean I know once I do I’m going to be sooooo sad!

If you have any sources (blog or books) on weaning from breastfeeding please let me know!

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