*Disclosure: The products have been provided by VTech so my family could experience them; however, the thoughts and opinions are my own. Links used are amazon affiliate links*

I like VTech. We already own a lot of their toys, so when a PR person for Vtech reached out to me and asked if I wanted to review some products I said yes!

Neveah and Nolan were very excited when they saw the big box in front of our door step. It was like Christmas before Christmas.


VTech Write and Learn Creative Center ($24.99)

This isn’t your regular old school drawing pad. It’s a magentic writing board that has an interactive screen. Neveah loved the magnetic stencils that came with it (she kept using the red one because she says it looks like Mickey Mouse).

The write and learn creative center is perfect for helping your little one learn lines & shapes, how to draw, musical drawing, picture matching, upper/lower case letter drawing. Right now Neveah’s obsessed with drawing lines and playing with the stencils.

It’s a great toy we will be taking with us in the car for when we have long car rides, so we give Neveah a break from the iPad.

VTech Spin and Learn Ball Tower ($29.99)

This is Nolan’s new favorite toy. He loves putting the balls in and moving the little gates to let the ball pass through.

It reminds of me a gum ball machine. You push the little blue handle down and down rolls the ball.

Nolan has been having a blast with this toy. It’s a great toy for building motor skills. I love how every time you drop the ball back inside it knows what color it is, so this toy is also great for identifying colors. The buttons have two settings: music or number and animal identification.

VTech Spinning Lights Learning Hippo ($19.99)

Nolan figured out if he rolled the red ball in the middle of the hippo it would light up, but that’s about it. He lost interest in this toy quick. I think because it’s a bit too mature for him. Neveah is three years old and seems to understand the way this toy works a lot better than Nolan.

It has two modes one for learning letters and one for learning numbers. Each letter has a cool little fact and makes a noise. The hippo also has 50 quiz questions and tons of joyful songs.

I don’t know why, but this toy reminds me of a toy I had when I was little. It was the rooster that had a string you pulled. Anyone remember? 

VTech Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train ($49.99)

Okay where to start off with this toy. We actually already have an older model of this. Bae’s brother gave us a lot of hand-me-down toys that belonged to his kids, and this train was one of them. Although the one he gave us didn’t come with the blocks.

It’s a perfect toy that grows with your baby. When they’re small they can sit on it and ride it like a train. As they get bigger you can take the two bigger pieces apart and they walk with the front piece (like a walker).

It will count the blocks as your throw them down the chute. Each block you throw will land perfectly under the seat. You can also insert a block where’s there is a question mark and it will tell you what letter it is and an animal that starts with that letter. For example, “M, M is for Monkey.”

It’s a fun and interactive toy with over a 100 songs.

Nolan loves the little walkie talkie it comes with. He thinks it’s a phone 😀


Neveah and Nolan enjoyed all four of their new toys. Each toy is a wonderful educational learning toy.

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