One of my kids favorite activities is to help mommy bake. I normally don’t eat cupcakes, but we were passing the Valentine’s Day aisle and Neveah saw the cupcakes. She then asked me if we could buy some. I told her how about instead we made some, so that’s what we did. We made cupcakes out of the box of course. I’m not that talented when it comes to baking!

Dave and I typically do something for Valentine’s Day the week before or the week after, so we’ll probably be home with the kids for VDay. 🙂 If you have kids and don’t plan on going out you can read a post I wrote two years ago, Five fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family!, that might give you some helpful and fun ideas for celebrating Valentine’s as a family.

Making Cupcakes…

I purchased all the baking supplies from Target. I also bought their little Valentine’s Day outfits from Target.

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