My daughter Neveah was born with A LOT of hair. I love her hair, though. It’s so gorgeous. I did not want to cut it, but I knew the day would soon come. Her hair was getting harder to manage everyday. When she turned two years old in April, we made the decision to trim her hair about two inches and give her some bangs because her hair kept getting in her face and it would be easier to manage.

Here are my list of tips.

 1.) Find the right salon

Find a salon that specializes in kids hair. Unfortunately we don’t have a cute kids salon anywhere nearby (at least that I know of). We ended up going  to a salon that we usually go to get our hair cut. If you can’t find a salon that specializes in children s hair it’s okay. You can find a stylist who knows how to handle and can do a toddlers hair. In our case we knew the stylist because she usually does my hair and she has a toddler of her own that plays with my daughter whenever I go in to get my haircut.

 2.) Talk to your toddler

Explain to them before going to get a haircut about what is going to happen. Try to find a book or T.V show that showcases a toddler getting a haircut. We had her watch one of the Elmo’s World episodes where they discuss getting hair cuts.

 3.) Plan accordingly

Book your toddler’s hair cut at a good time. You don’t want them to be cranky or hungry. Make sure they’ve had their nap and have ate a good meal.

If your toddler isn’t the type to hold still though I would suggest bringing a toy or a book to keep them entertained and distracted from the fact that a stranger is touching their hair.

 4.) Set the example

I sat in the chair and got my hair cut first, then I told her you have to be a big girl and do it too now. She actually wasn’t too thrilled about it. I had to sit with her in the chair, but she held really still just like I told her.

 5.) Give them a reward

When all is done. Let them know how proud you are of them and give them a reward. The stylist gave Neveah a Dum-Dum lollipop and I gave her an Elmo sticker 🙂

These are tips I have found to have worked for my daughter. I’m not sure how different it is with a baby, but we’re contemplating whether are not to have Nolan’s haircut soon because he is a boy and has a lot of hair for a little boy. Most likely we will wait though, until he is at least one year old. I’ll do another update with tips on how to prepare for cutting a baby’s hair.

UPDATE: We have since cut our baby’s hair. You can click here to read about how to prepare for cutting your baby’s hair.

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