Yesterday we finally cut little Nolan’s hair!!! 😮

I’m sad because I wanted to wait until his first birthday to do it, but his hair was starting to get really long. I know for some people when to cut your little one’s hair can be a controversial issue. My way of thinking is you do what you feel in your heart is in the best interest for your child. 

 Here are my quick tips to surviving your baby’s first haircut.

 1.) Decide when is the right time

Bae and I discussed it, and we both felt it was time to give Nolan’s lovely little locks a trim. His hair was seriously getting out of control. He was born with a full head of hair, so if your baby was born a baldy they might not need a haircut until they’re in their toddler years. Neveah was also born with a full head of hair, but because she’s  girl I let her hair grow nice and long until she was two. There’s no rule deciding when to take your baby/toddler to get a hair cut. You go when you feel the time is right and you decide how much you want to cut. 

 2.) Find the right salon

There’s ton of salons that specialize in kids hair and have the salon set up just for kids with books and toys. If you can’t find a children’s salon, then find a trusted salon with a hairdresser you know or at least someone who has been highly recommended. We took Nolan to the same hair dresser that cut my daughters hair. Take a look around at different salons and decide which is the best fit.

 3.) Plan

Once you’ve decided what salon to go to decide what time and day you will be going. Plan ahead. If your baby has a specific routine plan a good time that fits into that routine. For example, we took Nolan right after his afternoon nap because he’s always in a good mood afterwards.

Bye bye har 🙁

 4.) Prepare

If you took your baby to a regular salon and not a children’s salon, be sure to bring a small toy. You can use the toy to help distract your baby from what’s really going on.

If your significant other can’t come, then bring a family member, or a friend. You might need someone to help you hold your baby in case he starts to get squirmy. Nolan did very well. To our surprise he didn’t start to get squirmy until the very end, so while Bae held him still I took tons of pictures. This is also why it’s a good idea to bring a friend or family member along, it’s a monumental moment for you and your baby and you need someone there to capture the moment. 🙂

You can also check out my other post tips for your toddler first hair cut here because toddlers are more difficult to handle than babies in my opinion.

I’m very proud and happy my little boy did really well, and he’s looking very handsome with his new do. ❤

Hey Beautiful! Thank you for reading!

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