We’ve been putting Nolan in his room for nap time with Neveah as a way to get him used to the transition from being in our bed to his own bed.

We finally decided it was time to let Nolan sleep in the room with Neveah at night especially now that he is weaned from the breast.

We read to the kids their usual bedtime story. And, this time instead of letting Nolan run off I handed him  to David and let him handle the difficult task of tucking Nolan into the bed with Neveah. (We do have a bunk bed which will be used in the future when the kids are a bit older, but for now we allow them to share the bottom bunk.)

I watched as Nolan clung onto his daddy for dear life. And his big brown eyes gave me that puppy dog look and he yelled, “Mama.”

I felt bad. Like a bad mom. I know it seems like we’re kicking him out too soon…

But hear me out and don’t shoot me, but I don’t want to have to deal with a 6-year-old sleeping in my bed. Not happening. I want MY bed back, and let’s be honest I’m tired of having to have sex on the couch in the living room or on the floor. I would rather do this transition sooner than later. And, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with having a 6 year old in your bed with you. To each their own when it comes to parenting.

We also transitioned Neveah into her big girl bed at 18 months, and now at 3 years old she sleeps all by herself and even gets up at night to go potty! Only once when she was sick and running a fever did she come into our room and climb into bed with us.

We figured the time was right to transition Nolan.

Again, don’t shoot me, but we shut the door and told Neveah not to open it.

Nolan cried. Not surprised. It was short-lived. That surprised me.

A couple of hours passed, and then David went to open their bedroom door.

We figured he would probably wake up at some point during the night, and I wanted Nolan to know that it would be okay. That mommy and daddy were still here.

But guess what he didn’t!

He slept in the room with his sister all night! All night! Pinch me I must be dreaming!

I asked Neveah in the morning how Nolan did.

She said, “Nolan cried. But it was okay mommy I hold him and I sang a song to him.” ???

Sometimes as moms we prepare ourselves for the worst because of the horror stories we read online, or the stories we hear from other moms. As a mom I’ve learned to never underestimate my children. They’ve taught me a lot of patience and perseverance. They’ve taught me that motherhood is both messy and rewarding. And, I love them for that.

This is a HUGE milestone for Nolan. I’m proud of not only Nolan, but Neveah for stepping up as a big sister. I’m proud of them both. I am proud to be called their mommy.

My children are the sweetest thing on this Earth. And, yes I am being a little biased because they’re MY kids.

Hey Beautiful! Thank you for reading!

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