After you give birth you have so many emotions ranging from exhaustion, relief, and of course love (a huge indescribable overwhelming sense of love for the little human being you just gave life too).

There was a lot of things I wish I would’ve known about what happens afterwords. You know—your body and the whole recovery process. I’ve decided to make a list of things I wish someone would have told me based off my experience (vaginal hospital deliveries with both).

1.) You’ll bleed A LOT.

And it’s not like a heavy period. It’s more like holy fucking shit I’m bleeding so much I think I’m dying. The amount you bleed will vary, so maybe you’ll be lucky and not bleed as much.

2.) You’ll need lots of pads, but not just the regular old pads.

You need the giant shoe size maxi pads. Most hospitals provide them, so before leaving ASK if you can have some extra to take home. Also ask the nurses if they have the ice pads. (I’m not quite sure if that’s what they’re called). With my first delivery they gave me these GIANT long pads that you twisted and it had this cooling ice. Ahh relief! I recommend asking or buying some dermoplast spray as well. It’ll definitely help soothe your tear.

3.) Have plenty of granny panties on hand.

The hospitals have those mesh panties, so if you like those you can ask to have some to take home with you. I’ve also heard from other women that depend underwear (yeah, the adult diapers) work great. Personally, I went out to Walmart and bought a couple of packs of those big ugly Hanes underwears. Don’t try to be cute and wear your Victoria’s Secret because you’ll just ruin it with blood besides a thong can’t hold your shoe size pad!

4.) If you had a vaginal delivery…

You can’t wipe your ass properly (only pat it). I know, gross. That’s why the hospitals give you this little squirt bottle aka ‘peri bottle’ it’s awesome take that home with you. Trust me you’ll need it to squirt your lady parts and butt clean.

5.) You might get severely constipated

It’s okay though because if you tore you won’t want to take a shit anyways. I was so scared to go after I had my daughter because I had a second degree tear. Who would’ve thought you could be scared of actually taking a shit?!

7.) Stool Softeners!

Prior to having kids I had never taken stool softeners, but following the birth of both my children I found out just how much I needed them due to constipation. Be sure to ask your hospital nurses or OB if it’s okay for you to take some stool softeners.

8.) Holy Hemorrhoids.

If you didn’t get them during pregnancy you might get them after giving birth because of the constipation. I never got them with my first born, but I got a couple little ones with my second. Be kind to your butt and buy some witch hazel pads. They’re amazing!

9.) Your breast milk doesn’t come in right away.

At first you’ll get colostrum and really that’s all your baby needs for the time being. It takes a couple to a few days before you’re milk fully makes its entrance. I wish I had known this at first because I was totally freaking out thinking I wouldn;t be able to nurse, but three days after giving birth my milk came in!

10.) When it rains it pours.

Once your breast milk comes in most likely your
boobs will get engorged. Feed your baby frequently if you are nursing and rotate between hot and cold compresses. Nursing, nursing, nursing pads! They’ll help with your leaky boobs. Oh and lansinoh cream is your nipples best friend.

These are just my top ten things I’ve learned. I’m sure there’s lots more, but everyone’s experience is so different.

Hey Beautiful! Thank you for reading!

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