I am a stay at home mom, but my kids keep me constantly on my toes. Long gone are the days where I could sit at my vanity for hours and play with my makeup. I have drastically altered my beauty routine, and I have mastered completing a full face of makeup (foundation, eyelashes, eyeliner, … Continue Reading

Today I’m going to be sharing some makeup products I bought either because they were hyped up or I wanted to try something new, but ended up disappointing me greatly. Everyone is different, so you may find that some of the products I’ve regretted buying you’ve actually tried and liked. This is just my personal … Continue Reading

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of doing my younger sister Vanessa’s makeup for her junior prom. I thought I’d share with you guys what specific products I used to achieve this look for her.ā™„ Products Used: Before even starting the makeup application I steamed her face and then appliedĀ Boscia Luminizing Black Mask. After about 30 … Continue Reading

Ever have those days where you wake up late or those days where you’re just too busy with the kids that you don’t really have time to get ready? Happens to me a lot. Honestly, sometimes I’m just tired to even bother to put on a full face of makeup. It’s time consuming! It takes … Continue Reading