From the moment I cut my hair I knew it was a mistake! I had long hair in middle school and at the end of my eight grade year I chopped it (like 18 inches off) to donate it to locks of love. I then had really short hair like 3 inches shorter than I … Continue Reading

Yesterday we finally cut little Nolan’s hair!!! 😮 I’m sad because I wanted to wait until his first birthday to do it, but his hair was starting to get really long. I know for some people when to cut your little one’s hair can be a controversial issue. My way of thinking is you do … Continue Reading

A month ago I stupidly decided I wanted to try something new. I wanted to have lighter hair. I’m dumb. It’s fall. I should’ve waited until spring, but I was antsy to try something new. So what did I do? I fucking bleached my hair! And not one…not two…but three times! Some parts of my hair … Continue Reading

My daughter Neveah was born with A LOT of hair. I love her hair, though. It’s so gorgeous. I did not want to cut it, but I knew the day would soon come. Her hair was getting harder to manage everyday. When she turned two years old in April, we made the decision to trim her … Continue Reading