I was just thinking…time will pass…my nose will heal…and people will forget. People who are new and stumble upon my blog may never know I once had rhinoplasty. Some may say that’s a good thing. A lot of people like to keep cosmetic procedures under wrap. But me? No. I chose to be open and public about my journey. I’m proud. I did something brave. I opened myself up to a lot of criticism, but that’s okay. I know I’ve helped a lot of other people who felt insecure about themselves along the way. I’ve been helping guide others as they prepare to undergo the same thing. I chose this. I chose to be open and not hide behind a fake excuse. I was honest about why I did it.

Throughout the past few days I have poured my heart and soul out into my writing. My keyboard has tear stains on it reminiscent of me. Me. Writing furiously with tears in my eyes. Word vomiting all over my wordpress blog. And all the while attempting to wipe the tears from my eyes so I could see better in order to spell check as best as I could. 

All of these post op day posts will be followed by a final before and after photo post as well as an FAQ. And then I will write a 1 month post op, 6 month post op, and finally a 1 year post op. Then it’s done. My rhinoplasty surgery on my blog will be concluded. I want these posts to remain forever, though.

Chronicles of a Young Mother is my little ol space on the internet. Mine. It’s a space where I never thought I would have so many strangers reading yet here you are. And I thank you. All of you. For reading, subscribing, following, sending me well wishes through emails, snapchat, tweets etc…it does mean something to me. And even if you are hate reading me I thank you too. I must be doing something right….

My rhinoplasty surgery will remain under the category of “Rhinoplasty Surgery Diary,” there all the posts will lay archived like an old book you once loved that now lay only to collect dust, but still there in sight with easy access for the world to read if they wish so. I hope that in me writing I can help others who choose to take this path. I hope it helps you . I truly do.

Rhinoplasty Update:

Swelling and Bruising:

I think it is about the same. One eye looks better than the other. Hopefully it lessens in about another week. I’m going to wear a little makeup for the first time in over a week tomorrow.

I bought some arnica gel for my eyes. I’ve heard it’s supposed to help. It’s a little debatable but worth a shot.

Pain & Discomfort:

Pain is a 0! No pain just a slight discomfort. My nose feels extremely dry and crusty. every now and then a dry clumpy booger comes out. It’s so itchy too.

I end up tapping on my nose cast a little to relieve the itchiness but OMG it is just so itchy! My tip is really swollen. It looks so bulgy.

When they took my cast off yesterday I had a giant pimple on my left side and holy blackheads. I cannot wait until my two weeks are over after that. I will be running straight to the spa for a much needed facial and extraction of them blackheads.


Much better today than yesterday.

I’m realizing that I paid for this. I dreamed of this. My nose is exactly how I dreamt it would look. It’s everything I wanted. It’s everything I ever could have imagined. I sound crazy don’t I?! But it’s true…

It just takes some time getting used to the fact that it’s me. It’s really me. This is what I look like now…

It’s insane. I’m still in shock. I’m excited though. David says he can’t wait to see what it looks like when I’m all done up. 😀

It’s been an emotional mind nonetheless I’m happy.

“Behind the makeup and the smile I’m just a girl who wishes for the world….”

Hey Beautiful! Thank you for reading!

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