I got to see what my nose looks like without my cast today. I burst into tears. Good tears, though. I was in shock. I looked at David and asked him, “is this really my nose?!” I felt like it was a dream.

The nurse who removed my cast asked me if I had a before photo. I frantically searched on my phone for one and quickly realized. I didn’t have a good before photo on my phone to show her. I never took photos of my side profile. I always took photos from the front, and I always used a little facetune or photoshop to narrow and smooth out my nose. Yeah that photo in the about me section of my blog my nose is smoothed out there. No shame in admitting I was insecure about my nose. That’s why I got it done.

I told the nurse who took my cast off in tears that I didn’t have a before photo on my phone because all the pictures I had I edited.

She said, “Awh sweetie. Sometimes what makes people unique is that they’re not perfect. People want to be too perfect sometimes. Sometimes having that one little crooked tooth is what makes you beautiful and different.”

What she said really resonated with me. Thankfully David had a good before photo of my big dorsal hump side profile nose to show her. She smiled and said my nose looked fantastic. More feminine. It fit me.

It’s weird but as happy as I am with my new nose I have always mourned the loss of my old nose. Although it is what I considered “big”. It was a part of me for 22 years.

Dr.Coscia put my cast back on and said everything looked great. He laughed and said,”You can now spend a little less time on the computer now.”

I can’t help but wonder now if he took a part of me that made me unique. A part of me that although I felt was not attractive it’s what made me different and imperfect. Now I have the standard aesthetically pleasing nose that I always dreamed of, but somehow I feel a piece of me is missing. Is it odd that I miss it? Will this feeling pass once my cast is officially off and I can see my new nose daily for what it is? I think it’s normal to have these feelings right now because overall I am pleased with the look of it. 

It just dawned on me that the day after my plastic surgery consult with Dr.Coscia, David and I were out getting dinner before my sister’s graduation…and there was this woman standing outside of the restaurant. I walked in before David, and I heard her tell David, “Wow. She is stunning! So exotic.”

I’ve heard compliments like this a lot. It’s not to brag. All it takes is one mean comment to erase the hundred of negative comments. One thing I’ve learned is “You can be the juiciest peach in the world. And there is still going to be someone who doesn’t like peaches.”

The rhinoplasty doesn’t change who I am inside. It changes me physically,yes, but it does not change who I am as person. I’m confident that I made the right decision, and I can only hope that I’ll still be that girl that is stunningly exotic.


Getting my nose cast off!
My nasty nose cast!

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