I wasn’t planning on blogging today, but something terrifying happened today. I HIT MY NOSE ON THE EDGE OF THE SLIDING GLASS DOOR. At first it didn’t really hit me that I hit it then I felt the throbbing and within 2 seconds blood came gushing out of my right nostril. I was mortified. Within minutes the bleeding stopped, but I noticed my cast was dented. Yes my nose cast on the right side is slightly dented. Did I really hit the door that hard?

I felt like a complete idiot. Dr.Coscia told me not once, not twice, he told me multiple times, “Don’t run into any walls. Have your boyfriend help you up at night if you need to pee.” Silly me thought who the hell runs into walls? Apparently I do!

Well when you’re on pain medication and have just had your nasal bones broken you’re not quite yourself and shit happens.

The crazy thing is this morning I felt great! I took a bath and David helped me wash my hair. I sat outside and watched my babies play. I miss my babies a lot. It’s been hard not being able to take care of them during my recovery.

We went to see Dr.Coscia this morning after my incident he looked at it and said there didn’t appear to be any damage, and he didn’t want to take the cast off just yet. He said he didn’t want to risk messing with it so early in my recovery progress. I get my cast removed tomorrow and then put back on again. My stitches will also be removed tomorrow. My nasal cast will officially come off on Monday!

I’m excited and scared. I know my nose is swollen, so if it still looks big I shouldn’t be too upset.

Anyways, I’m feeling good right now. Not much pain (just a little throbbing; mild anxiety), and my bruising is no where near as severe as I thought.

My eyelash extensions have almost all fallen out. It makes me soooo bummed. It’s only been two weeks, but all the trauma and bruising has caused them to fall off. Dr.Coscia said when I get my cast off I can get my eyelashes and eyebrows done (my brows are in desperate need of a threading). David laughs and tells me no one is looking at you you’re at home all day. I’m like hello all of the internet and snapchat is looking at me 😀 I like to look poppin. Even on my worst days I still get complimented. 

I’ll update again tomorrow night! You can also follow me on snapchat @ox.vivienne I do quick little updates there on my progress! 🙂

Hey Beautiful! Thank you for reading!

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