It’s been 7 months (almost 8 months) now since I had my rhinoplasty. I’ve noticed the scar tissue inside significantly decrease which in turn has caused the swelling on the tip of my nose to decrease. I’m beyond pleased with my results. The thing that makes me the most happy is how natural it looks.

A quick recap on what I had done. I had an OPEN rhinoplasty. Meaning a small incision was made on the underside of the nose aka the Columella. Dorsal hump removal is what it is called. Additionally, I had osteotomies to prevent what is known as an open roof deformity. This means my nasal bones were fractured. My surgery was performed by Dr.Coscia at the Plastic Surgery Center (Sacramento, CA), and I chose IV sedation instead of general anesthesia.

I had two little scars where the osteotomies were performed that are no longer visible. When I first had my rhinoplasty I could see the scar on my Columella a lot more because the scar tissue made my tip look a little droopy. I no longer have that. The scar is nearly invisible to the naked eye. Even when it was more visible you really couldn’t tell it was a scar. That is unless you were looking directly under my nose.


AFTER (JAN. 2017)

I could not be any happier with my results. I included a photo of me breastfeeding because I plan on getting a breast augmentation (will update on that later). No, I don’t plan to blog about it as thoroughly as I did with my rhinoplasty, but I will share some before and after photos.

I tend to wear padded bras a lot to give me cleavage that I really no longer have. I am currently a Barely B. I used to be a very full C which is ideally the size I would like. Don’t think I’m going to come out with rock hard saline porn sized boobs. You probably won’t even know that I have implants in since I’m leaning towards getting silicone “gummy” (the most natural implant available on the market). I’m always wearing VS bombshell bras, so I look a C cup. I really don’t feel the need to justify my decisions, but I will say I did breastfeed two kids which caused my breasts to change a lot.

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