Who remembers that episode in Sex and The City where Carrie’s  laptop crashes, and she realizes she hadn’t back up her work. Total gasp! Right?! Like who doesn’t back up their work. SMH Carrie. 

Well…no one talks about how to backup your work. OR how you should not just have one backup file, but multiple sources of backup files.

I basically just reset my website, and within a day had it looking back to normal since I backed up all my custom design work.  The problem I ran into was backing up my actual content.

WORDPRESS USERS: In tools there’s this export and import tool. Well you can export the file and while WordPress says it will take up to 64MB (mind you my file was only 8MB) it’s a load of  shit.

It will import all your blog posts, categories, tags; however you will run into a problem getting the images to import properly. I know because I talked to several other people in the internet world who had the same issue.

SIGH.…all my blog photos that are specifically attached to blog posts are in that file. Now I have to rename and re upload what I have personally saved to my Lightroom edits. Thank GOD for lightroom I have a lot of my images backed up on there.

So again, let this be a lesson don’t just have one copy of a backup for your website and think that’s enough create at least back ups. And create a separate backup for just images. For bloggers who don’t know you can take the file in my file manager (wp_uploads; it’s in your public_html) and download that and upload it via your FTP manager.

I didn’t know this….I just assumed one back up was enough and it would work correctly on all my stuff would magically appear. Alas it did not.

That’s life I guess. I appreciate people who do graphic design and building websites for a living it’s a tedious and boring task dealing with html crap!

Hey Beautiful! Thank you for reading!

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