I love being a mother. Yes, it’s hard being twenty with two kids, but I wouldn’t trade them for the world. I’ve made an awesome list of some pros of being a young mother..

1.) The Biological Clock isn’t ticking.

As your in your thirties/forties you won’t have to worry about your “biological clock” ticking because you’ve already had your kid(s) in your teens/twenties. All of your girlfriends who waited until their thirties will be rushing to start a family because their clock is ticking loud and clear.

2.) You’re Super Fertile

You’re the most fertile in your 20’s. This means you’re more likely to have no serious health complications in your pregnancy compared to a 37 year old woman. That’s not say that women in their late thirties all have issues because I know plenty of older moms who had no issues with their pregnancies. However, doctors do classify them as “advanced maternal age.” And as you age so do your eggs which could make it a lot harder to conceive. I’m thankful I don’t have to stress about charting, ovulation kits, counting cycle days and planning when to have sex. Being a fertile myrtle isn’t all that bad.

3.) Empty Nest by the time your in your 40’s

Lord thank you! By the time I am 38 Neveah will have graduated high school, and by the time I’m 40 Nolan will have too! I won’t be changing diapers, cleaning spit up, or dealing with toddler tantrums. I’ll be somewhere traveling in Europe enjoying a glass of wine while I check my Instgram and see my peers who decided to have kids later in life post pictures of their toddler throwing a fit talking about how horrible the terrible twos are. AND you know what I’ll be laughing hahaha, not as easy as you thought huh?

4.) Your body

It will be a lot easier on your body physically. You can and will bounce back pretty quick. Seriously go look at my post pregnancy body. Now your body may not be exactly the same, but you’ll look good for just having a kid! Your young and your skin has a lot more collagen and elasticity than that of a 30 or 40 something year old woman. Don’t get me wrong either I’ve seen some great looking mamas in their forties, but they have to really work and hit the gym hard.

5.) Energy and Grandparents

Seriously, you can keep up with your kids and their antics. Kids are exhausting period, but when you got age on your side it’s not as stressful. Your parents might be considered “young grandparents”, but hey at least they’re not 80 and just sitting around watching your kids play. Your parents can actually be a very active part of your kids lives. My mom is in her early forties, and it always stuns me how well she can manage her own six year old and my 2 year old diva. She’s like super mom/grandma.

6.) You’re not a regular mom, you’re a cool mom

Things will have changed by the time your kid(s) reaches jr high and  high school, but you’ll be able to better relate and understand them. You won’t have to try as hard to be cool like some older moms do. You’ll naturally be awesome. Don’t take this out of context though. Our job is to be parents! I will always consider myself a mom first and then my kids best friend.

7.) Your whole view on life changes and for the better

You see life now in a whole new way that you didn’t even know was possible. Motherhood is life changing and for most young women it makes them MATURE rapidly. You start to really focus on goals and what you want for your future. You refuse to fail because you know you have a mini me looking up to you and you want them to proud of you.

young mother quotes

Understand that it’s not the end of the world being a young teen or early twenty-something mom. I am NOT advising for those of you who don’t have kids to rush out and get pregnant. It’s hard work being a mom, and you should have children when you feel you are ready. Sometimes life’s circumstances forces us into situations, so that’s why I wrote this with the best intentions in my mind to support other young moms who may be feeling alone or discriminated against.

Like any situation there is always pros and cons. I know there is cons that come with being a young mom as well, and I will address those in a separate post just to be fair and have both sides of the argument.

Let me know why you love being a young mom, or even better let me know why you like not having kids seriously I won’t be offended as long as you’re nice 🙂

Hey Beautiful! Thank you for reading!

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