Back in October, when Neveah was only 18 months I bought her an Elmo potty. I wanted to start the potty training process as soon as possible because I knew by next fall her little brother would be here, and I did not want to be changing a newborns diaper as well as a toddler. Well, flash forward to today where for the most part she does well, but other days she’s horrible. She’s fully aware of what the toilet is, and that she needs to be a big girl and go pee-pee in the potty. Yet, when she decides to throw a fit she will purposefully pee herself! It’s a learning process, and every child is different. What works for my kid might not work for yours and that’s okay.

These are my tips for when you first start potty training:

 1.) Ditch the pull ups.

I’ve found that pull ups are still look and feel like diapers, so if they pee they won’t be as uncomfortable as if they were wearing underwear’s.

 2.) Try rewarding them.

For example, we give Vaeh an Elmo sticker every time she goes to the ‘big girl potty’.

 3.) Keep track of your kids progress.

Make a chart so you know how often they ask to go and how often they pee or poop in the toilet. Over time you should see that they are getting better at telling you that they need to go and that they are actually going.

 4.) Hygiene.

This is kind of a no brainer, but make sure you teach them good hygiene. i.e how to wipe themselves (so they don’t get a rash or infection) and to always wash their hands.

 5.) Extra Clothes!

When going out of the house always have an extra set or two of extra clothes and wipes just in case they have an accident.

These are tips I’ve found work for us and you’re more than welcome to email me personally or leave a comment below. Let me know any tips you may have or what you have found has worked for you.

Hey Beautiful! Thank you for reading!

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