Physically I’m okay. Emotionally I feel drained. This is something that I thought I was mentally prepared for, but you never really are until you’re going through it. I would recommend to anyone thinking of undergoing a rhinoplasty or any major cosmetic surgery to not only think about the physical aspects but the emotional aspects as well.

Mentally you have to be in a good spot. You have to be happy with yourself to a certain degree because if you’re not plastic surgery won’t help you it will only disappoint you. For me I was content with where my life was at. I was just tired of feeling insecure about my nose.

Rhinoplasty Update:

I’m a lot more swollen today than yesterday. My eyes, my nose even my face feel and look puffier. This is why the Dr. told me to sleep upright it helps with the swelling. I’m sleeping with like 7 pillowS right now and keep rotating between 3 ice compresses. 🙂

Soooooo much pressure. I want to drill a hole in my head to release all the pressure I feel in my head right now! I need to breathe out of my nose!!!!

Sleeping upright is the most unfortable thing ever. I had to take a couple of pills just to fall asleep. Every couple of hours I would wake up feeling PARCHED. My mouth was so painfully dry because well you know I can’t breathe out of my nose. Le sigh. (Humidifiers help slightly with this problem).

I’m eating well. NO NAUSEA! The only thing that sucks is everything taste bland because I can’t smell. It’s wierd I could be eating poop and probably wouldn’t even know it because I can’t smell it. 😀

Dr.Coscia called me yesterday to check in. He said I bled a lot and was pretty swollen. He also said he thinks I’ll be very happy with it. I sure hope so. It’s difficult to tell right now because of all the swelling, but I really do hope the end result is what I expect.

Yesterday, I took a bath. David helped wash my hair. We agreed we would wash my hair every two days and he would help me. He’s been really awesome in helping me throughout this process. His parents are also here helping us with our kids which has been great. I couldn’t imagine having to care for them while under these conditions. I’m laid up in bed for the next day.

Hope you all had a great weekend and Happy Fourth of July. I’m sure yours will be better than mine! I’ll be here laid up in bed with my swollen nose!

 Hey Beautiful! Thanks for reading!
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