I’ve kind of been putting off writing this because ever since I announced on Snapchat that I had scheduled a consultation with a plastic surgeon. I’ve received some not so nice comments from people I thought were my “friends.” They say: “you’re a mom”, “you have a daughter what are you going to tell her when she gets older that she needs surgery in order to feel beautiful,” “be happy with what God gave you.” I don’t know how to respond to those type of comments other than to say “DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY.” David will tell you how happy I am. He sees the excitement and happiness it bring to me to know that after years of hating this specific part of myself I’m going to get it fixed.

I am not someone who is opposed to plastic surgery. I think there are boundaries when it comes to it—yes. Some people go overboard with it, but to each their own who are we to judge.

I’ve seen a lot of bloggers in blog land get obvious plastic surgery only to lie about it. And I get it I know going under the knife is a very private thing, but when you have a public blog with hundreds of thousands of followers I think it’s crucial to be honest with your readers and with yourself. I see why too many bloggers who deny like hell getting their boobs, noses, or botox done. What is there to be ashamed about?!

If you don’t like something about yourself and you have the means to get it fixed you go glen coco!

That’s why I’ve been very open about wanting to get plastic surgery. The specific feature I plan on getting fixed is something that I am extremely insecure about. It’s something that I go to great lengths to hide. I filter and angle myself properly. Always told myself for the longest time that it was okay. That I could live with it, but the truth is it eats me up inside. I have turned down so many blogger events and invites because of my insecurities regarding this specific part of my body. As vain as I may sound I woke up one morning and finally decided I could no longer live my life in fear of someone photographing me from the wrong angle or spending extra time trying to edit my photos just to fix that specific part of my body. I had enough.

I’m not ready to publicly announce on my blog the procedure I’m getting quite yet, but if you follow me on Snapchat then you’re aware. (Please note if I don’t know you on a personal level or you don’t tell me who you are I will not add you to my snapchat.)

David doesn’t think I need it for those of you wondering. He thinks I’m beautiful the way I am. But he understands. He told me, “I know what it’s like to hate a part of yourself so badly. I used to hide my teeth all the time. I never showed my teeth when I smiled, and I always used my hand to cover my teeth when I laughed.”

Right now we’re getting the financial part sorted, but within a week or so I plan to get it paid and scheduled. I plan on undergoing the procedure first and then blogging about it afterward.

Please add me on snapchat. That’s the only place where I will be updating on my surgery and how my pre-op and post-op goes.

I’m sorry if this post was a little rambly and all over the place. I have so many thoughts going through my head right now, but most of all I’m just genuinely excited. Excited because this is something I’ve wanted to do since I was 12. I literally broke down in tears after we left the surgeons office.

And for people wondering I went to The Plastic Surgery Center in Sacramento, CA.  I saw Dr.Coscia (he is a board certified plastic surgeon). Dr. Coscia was pleasant and took his time explaining everything to me and showed me photos of patients he’s worked on. I can’t even describe in words how happy and ecstatic I am to be getting this done. Also, I know that I’m in good hands.

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