Happy belated New Years!

I can’t believe it’s already 2015.

We spent New Years Eve in Napa and the following day we were finally able to go on our hot air balloon ride! The weather decided to cooperate. Yay!

We had to wake up at 5 a.m to get ready because we were told to be at the Marriott hotel in Napa by 6:30 a.m.

We arrived right on time. Had some coffee and pastries and by 7:30 a.m we were all assigned to a specific pilot, and we were driven in the company vans to the balloon launching site. It was only about a ten minute drive.

Two of the three hot air balloons were already inflated.

It was an amazing sight. The balloons were much bigger than what I had ever dreamed of. 

I had no idea, but apparently the company we flew with has THE largest hot air balloons in North America!!!

Crazy right?!

The balloons are large enough to fit 24 people. We had 20 people in our basket.

I was the first one to hop in. Literally, the basket doesn’t have a door or anything you have to jump in.

We were the first balloon to take off.

I won’t lie…I was terrified once we started taking off. You don’t feel it. It’s so light weight. You don’t even realize your coming off the ground and floating. I felt fear as soon as I looked down and realized we weren’t on the ground anymore.

I told Bae, “Oh my God. I’m scared. I’m scared…I’m scared.”

I felt bad. I thought shit Bae paid so much for this balloon ride that I so badly dreamed of, and I’m now I’m being a chicken shit about it.

I calmed down soon after, though.

Everyone else was so calm and enjoying the view. It was comforting.

Some  photos of the gorgeous views.

Just some of the million trillion selfies I took with my selfie stick 🙂

The landing was a bit rough. The pilot had to find the perfect spot to land.

We ended up landing on a winery (on an empty spot of course).

As soon as the balloon landed there was a big thump thump. Other than that the whole ride was very smooth. It’s just like if you were on the ground except you’re not. You’re in the air flying seamlessly.

The land owner of the winery whose winery we landed on was extremely nice. He actually came out and popped a couple bottles of champagne for us to celebrate our adventure!

Afterwards we were driven back to the Marriott hotel and were served more champagne and a fabulous brunch.

The whole hot air balloon ride experience was incredible!

It was breath taking.

It was by far one the most memorable and beautiful experiences of my life.

It was such an adventure.

It was so calm and felt so surreal.


The whole ride lasted about an 1 and a half. It went by so fast.

I’m still at a lost for words. I wish I could explain to you how amazing it felt soaring through the sky.

It made me realize just how beautiful life is and how much beauty is out there in the world.

I have a whole lifetime to live and a whole world to explore!

I cannot wait until the kids get older, so we can ride together as a family! 🙂

Thank you Bae. When I first told you about my dream I never in a million years would’ve guessed you would make my dream a reality. This was a dream of mine I’ve had since I was nine. I love you Dave ♥ I cannot wait to spend many more years filled with adventures together!

Thank you for reading! May you soar to new heights in 2015!

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