I’m not a super crafty person, but I wanted to have an adventure book. You know like the one featured in the Pixar movie “UP”.

If you’ve never watched that movie here’s a short clip of the part called “Married Life.” It’s my favorite part of the whole movie 🙂

The ending though…I’m sorry I should have warned you it’s a tear jerker.

It wasn’t until the second time that I watched the movie that I understood a very crucial turning point in the movie.

Do you see when Carl and Ellie are lying on the grass, and they see babies start to form in the clouds. They’re dreaming of a child. They’re ready to have a baby. And so it begins. The couple start to put the baby nursery together…

Unfortunately, their dream never becomes a reality. It’s never really clear if Ellie got pregnant and miscarried or if she was just told she was infertile, but the most touching part of the whole movie is in those quick seconds where you see Ellie sitting in the doctors office hunched over crying.

I love that Carl and Ellie don’t let not having children define them.

The whole movie is just a beautiful story.

I love the idea of having an Adventure Book.

ANYONE can have an adventure book whether your’re a couple with or without kids, hell even if you’re single.

Make an adventure book!

Fill it up with your adventures and all the places you dream of going to one day ♥

I decided I would buy my adventure book because like I said I’m not very crafty. If you’d like to know where I bought my adventure book you can e-mail directly. I had some issues with the company, and I honestly don’t recommend them. If you’re crafty I highly recommend you get on Pintrest for some inspiration 🙂

IMG_2672 blog
I took the card stock out of the plastic cover so you can see the first page of our family adventure book 🙂

And that’s it for now! I can’t wait to add more adventures to our book!

Hey Beautiful! Thank you for reading!

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