If you’re thinking of ways to change up your hair color Luxy’s ombre hair extensions are a great way to go. You get the best of both worlds, literally. You don’t have to go through damaging your natural hair, and you can wear the hair extensions whenever you want! One day you have ombre hair the next day you don’t. It’s perfect!

Here is what Luxy Hair Chestnut Ombre Hair Extensions look like. 

I have the 160 gram set which is perfect for my hair. My hair isn’t fine, but it’s not super thick either. If you have fine hair you can get away with the 120 gram set. I was a little skeptical to try the ombre hair extensions because I’ve seen a lot of ombre hair extensions that other companies have made that look really bad. You know those ugly streaking straight across want to be ombre’s? Yuck. 

Thankfully Luxy’s Hair Extensions are beautifully colored. They look like a natural ombre that blends and seamlessly flows into your hair.

I love this set a little bit more than my original mocha brown set simply because it adds more depth and color to my hair without the damage. The whole reason why I bought my first set of Luxy hair Extensions was because I had damaged my hair by bleaching it.

If you’re thinking about ways to switch up your hair color but are a little weary about dying your hair I would highly recommend trying out a set of ombre Luxies.

You can have the extensions cut so it’s easier to blend. For example I had the 2 clip wefts cut so they would layer in the front in order to blend easier. Just be sure to take them to your trusted hair stylist!

You guys know I had my original mocha brown set for almost a year and half!

If you take good care of your luxies they last long, so they’re worth the investment.

Wash your hair extensions every 15 uses and let them air dry. Don’t forget to be careful about where you store them! Luxy is awesome and gives you a cute little box you can store them in. You can also use a clamp hanger just be careful not to clamp the hair.

If you any questions please feel free to contact me directly here or leave a comment below! Luxy Hair has great customer support so you may also contact them if you wish.

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