One year ago today I registered the domain and began my blog on I’ve been reading other mom blogs for awhile, and although I could relate in some form I never found a blog that I could truly relate to. I’ve always felt sort of ostracized from the mom community because of my age. I was a 20 year old mom of not one, but two children. I was fed up with people looking down upon me as a mother and not taking me serious because of my age, so that’s when I decided I would blog about my journey as a young mom. I say journey because that’s what this is. It’s a life journey. Being a mother is a life changing journey. People tell me you won’t be young forever, and they’re right. I won’t be young in age forever. But you know what? 17 years from now when my son Nolan is 18 and graduating high school I’ll be the mom that people confuse as his aunt or sister. I will always be the young one out of the crowd of moms. I don’t let being a young mother define or limit me though.

When I first started this blog I never anticipated many people to read it. At first it was just family and friends. Then as time went on I saw my readership and views grow exponentially. That’s when I decided to become a self hosted blog. And, I’m so glad I did.

The number one search term that leads people to my blog is young mom blog. I know there’s not a lot of young mom blogs out there. I hope that if you’re a young mommy like me who stumbles upon my blog you realize that you’re not alone, and you have nothing to be ashamed about. Shows like Teen Mom glamorize young motherhood in a distorted way. There’s nothing glamorous about waking up every two hours to a crying baby, and smelling like baby poop and breast milk all day.Those girls on Teen Mom get paid to be on the show. Now there is a few moms on Teen Mom like Maci and Chelsea who seem to be doing great for themselves, and then there’s moms like Jenelle Evans. They ruin it for all of us young moms. Jenelle has been arrested 15 time since 2010. I’m looking at you MTV you need to stop paying Jenelle Evans to be on Teen Mom 2 she’s a horrible example and a terrible influence. I can’t stand the young moms who party and hang out with friends all the time only to leave the grandparents raising their kid. At some point you have to grow up regardless of your age because once you become a mother it’s not about you it’s about the happiness and well being of your kid(s). 

Anyways, enough of me ranting. I just want to say THANK YOU♥ to each and every one of you who has subscribed and who reads this blog on the regular. Whether you’re a mom or not because I know I blog about other things other than motherhood. It helps keep my sanity. I don’t always want to write about my kids.

Even though I only talked about my postpartum depression (PPD) once in my blog, it was another HUGE reason why I started my blog. My son was only 3 months old at the time, and I was having a major bout of PPD. My blog has helped picked me up out of a dark place I was once in. I’m still not where I want to be emotionally, but I’m getting back to my old self slowly. 🙂 The reason I haven’t been as personal and 100% open with this blog is because Dave is still going through his divorce, and I know for a fact his ex-wife reads here. It kind of sucks, but I always find myself being careful about what I write and share out there publicly. I hope that once their divorce is done I can blog more openly about my family, and I can start doing Mommy Vlogs on Youtube. 😀

A little recap on this blog since the past year.

Here’s my very first blog post:

Age does not define the quality of parent you are

Here’s my TOP 10 most read posts:

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3.) An open letter to my daughters biological father
4.) How I made Sofia the First cake pops for daughters third birthday
5.) How to deal with dating an older man
6.) DIY makeup vanity
7.) Two by Twenty
8.) My stretch marks
9.) Pros of being a Young Mama
10.) My before, during, and after pregnancy body

Once again thank you guys the readers, thank you Bae (you’re my #1 supporter), and my family! You know only half of blogs even make it through the first year, so I’m feeling very proud. And, don’t forget to check out my giveaway currently going on right now.

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