When I was a single mom and it was just me and Neveah I had horrible eating habits. Surprisingly I was still pretty thin. I was by no means fat, but I was nowhere near healthy. I kid you not when I say I used live on McDonald’s, fruit roll ups, and Starbucks frappuccinos. I thought I was fine because I have a fast metabolism. The truth is I was not fine. The doctor had told me I was “skinny fat.”

Fast forward a year and half. I had just given birth to my second child at 20 years old. While I was still young and lost the baby weight relatively quickly I went back to some old eating habits. I had cut out McDonald’s (THANK GOD I DID BECAUSE THAT SH*T IS NOT REAL FOOD ), but I continued to drink Starbucks frappucinos like it was no one’s business, and every time I would order a blueberry muffin. Although I was working out pretty regularly I stopped seeing progress in my body. In fact I noticed the opposite! I started to gain weight.

I’ve gained 10 lbs since December. In part I blame my birth control change, but also my eating habits.

You are what you eat.

You eat fast food, sugary junky crap you’re going to feel junky and crappy. You’re going to feel tired and bloated. I KNOW BECAUSE I WAS THERE.

It was incredibly frustrating for me to exercise so hard and see no change because my eating habits sucked.

That’s when I  realized that 90% of it is diet (lifestyle; eating habits). I hate to call it a diet because I don’t view the way I eat now as a diet. It’s a lifestyle. You can diet for a short time (you know follow those quick weight loss diets) and lose weight, but you can’t go back to your old eating habits once you’ve lost weight unless you want to gain the weight back. And that’s what often happens to people they don’t realize that it’s not a diet. The way you eat has to be a lifestyle way of thinking. 

It’s also incredibly important to find the right balance and what works for you and fits your lifestyle. Different strokes for different folks; however, I have received a lot of emails from women asking me what I eat so here it is a quick rundown of what I typically eat. 🙂

Please keep in mind I am not a nutritionist so always talk to your certified physician before making any drastic changes to your eating habits.


I am not a vegan. I do try to eat lean meats though. I avoid red fatty meats as much as I can with the exception of the occasion carne asada.

I always cook in olive oil occasionally I’ll cook with coconut oil or avocado oil which is also very good for you. I always avoid cooking anything with butter.

I eat wheat or rye bread.

I try to eat a variety of colors when it comes to fruits and vegetables.

I try to buy organic when I can meaning “the dirty dozen” fruits and veggies are the ones I make a point to buy organic.

BREAKFAST: A banana and peanut or almond butter sandwich on wheat or rye bread. I will also have a bowl of strawberries or grapes. Sometimes I’ll have a bowl of acai from Nugget Market. 🙂

SNACK: This is usually after my workout, so I’ll make a protein smoothie.

LUNCH: Tuna salad or a turkey sandwich again on wheat or rye bread. If we’re eating out I will order a salad, and I will order balsamic dressing. I always ask for the dressing on the side. Ever notice how restaurants love to coat your salad in dressing? It’s way too much I typically use about 1/3 of the dressing I’m given.

SNACK: A bowl of raw almonds, or kale chips, or greek yogurt with some oats (I love Natures Valley Dark Chocolate crunchy oats).

Our food

DINNER: We typically eat dinner at home. It’s usually grilled chicken or shrimp salad. I like making a fajita salad as well. Once in awhile I’ll make spaghetti because the kids love it, but for the most part I try to stay away from any pasta!


Protein Smoothies before or after workouts.

WATER! I try to drink at least a gallon of water a day! I know it’s a lot, and you do quite a bit of peeing at first. My body has adjusted well though. My skin and body feel so much better now that I’ve upped my water intake.

I do not drink soda. A couple of times a month I’ll enjoy a 7-up (caffeine free) or a dessert wine! I love dessert wine. I’m still trying to acquire a taste for darker red wines. I loathe the taste of beer! I NEVER DRINK BEER.


  • Fast food other than the occasional In-N-OUT. When I do get IN-N-OUT I get my burger protein style.
  • Starbucks frappucinos. Yup. Me and Starbucks have broken up. On the rare occasion I go I order a lemonade or a skinny vanilla latte.
  • Coffee in the morning. I drink coffee in the morning about once a week but other than that I make it a point to drink 16 oz of water in the morning with my breakfast.
  • DAIRY. I have eczema and it flares when I have too much dairy products.
  • I will glance over food labels at the grocery store and if something I see has way too much sodium or sugar I’ll put it back.


  • Prenatals. (No I’m not pregnant! It helps with my hair and skin and they’re less expensive than nail & skin vitamins).
  • Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc (As I mentioned above I don’t drink dairy, so a calcium vitamin is necessary).
  • Riboflavin as prescribed by my doctor.
  • Fish Oil gummies (My prenatals do not have fish oil and I hate fish oil pills, so I take gummies instead. I know I’m such a kid sometimes).
  • COQ 10 for heart health
  • Flaxseed oil (it helps slightly with my migraines).


‘IF YOU DON’T BUY IT YOU WON’T HAVE IT THEREFORE YOU CAN’T EAT IT.’ THAT’S WHY I TRY TO AVOID BUYING JUNK. If I have a sweet tooth craving that forces me to go out and buy what I want or eat something healthy at home. Once a month I will give in to my cravings. 🙂 You know I’ll head out to the Mexican store and buy some goodies….yea……

For the most part I’ve been getting a lot better about disciplining myself to eat healthier.


I love cheat days and having treats, but ALL IN MODERATION.

Every now and then (which is about once a month) we’ll go out for a treat; ice cream or frozen yogurt. One day out of the week I allow myself one cheat meal which is usually mexican food or pizza. 😀


Neveah and Nolan are amazing eaters. They’re not very picky, so about 90% of the time they eat what we eat. Neveah will even eat spinach! I try to give them a variety of fresh fruits and veggies. Their favorites are peppers, cucumbers, corn, strawberries, bananas, green grapes, celery, and carrots, and yellow squash.

For snacks I give them: raisins, carrots with peanut butter, whole grain goldfish crackers, fruit snacks (not the best I know, but I’m a little less strict on eating with the kids), pita chips, or cuties (mandarins).

There you have it. that’s pretty much what I eat. I don’t think it’s too restrictive. In a nutshell I eat meat, lots of fruits/vegetables, drink lots of water and have a protein smoothie after my workouts!

Again, this is just what I eat. These are my habits.

You don’t have to agree with me nor do you have to follow what I eat. I will say though to try to find a healthy balance (find what works for you that keeps you feeling and looking healthy) because at the end of the day you are what you eat!

Hey Beautiful! Thank you for reading!

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