Back in March I decided I would try dermal fillers at Destination Aesthetics in Sacramento, CA. I have always been pretty against fillers. Every time I hear the word “fillers” I picture an old lady in a desperate attempt to look youthful, but instead ends up looking like a caricature of her former self. Or I think white women…real housewives vibes.

Nowadays, fillers seem like the cool new in thing ala Kylie Jenner and her notorious lip fillers. I’m thankful for my Latina genes have gave my full and luscious lips and nice cheekbones; however, my chin is another story. I never really noticed how weak my chin was until I had a rhinoplasty, but I have a weak side profile. It’s quite pitiful. I have a slight overbite which doesn’t help and my chin recedes back. It’s not far back enough so that I have a double chin but enough that it throws my profile off balance a bit. Yes, I know total first world problems.

I wanted to try something less permanent before deciding on surgery (chin implant) yet again. That’s what lead me to trying dermal fillers! I browsed online and looked at different med spa’s and finally decided to set up an appointment with Destination Aesthetics.  I got extremely lucky when I looked at their online appointment scheduler I was able to make an appointment for that same week with Summer Dyas, RN. *Note: This place is popular and well known, so they book out weeks in advance!* I felt pretty lucky that I was able to get an appointment so quick!

Destination Aesthetics has an office in Sacramento as well as Folsom, CA. I visited their Sacramento location, which is absolutely beautiful. Loved the decor and aesthetic of it.

I first met with Summer and we discussed my weak chin area. She decided Juvederm Voluma XC would be the best route for me. Shawna Chrisman (co-owner), then came in and introduced herself. Both women were extremely friendly and addressed my concerns in a professional manner. Shawna also suggested I should have some Botox in my chin area which I felt uneasy about until she showed me some before and after photos. The photos even included herself which I thought was cool.

Before undergoing any type of filler I suggest always reading up and knowing the pros and cons as well as side effects. The most extreme side effects are incredibly rare, but they do happen. That’s why it’s important to do your research. I felt confidant knowing I was at a highly rated facility with RN’s. 


I had a total of 3 syringes of Juvederm Voluma injected into my chin. I was numbed with a local anesthetic first. Summer took her time pricking me with the needle and slowly massaging the area. The whole process took about 15 minutes. I could feel the filler which was odd. It felt kind of like a hard jelly like substance (I no longer feel it). Summer said that’s normal in fact you should feel filler but not see it is what I learned. Then came the Botox (5 units), which I didn’t feel at all. Botox takes 7-14 days before it starts to show in your face, but I saw results with the filler instantly!

Summer was lovely and made me feel comfortable by chatting with me most of the time. I would highly recommend booking with her if you’re looking into having fillers. She knows her stuff! I have a high pain tolerance, so I wouldn’t say it hurt. It was slightly uncomfortable being pricked countless of time in the same area. I left with an ice pack and a new more balanced chin.



Initially I was only bruised slightly, but by the second day I was bruised pretty bad. It took 3 weeks for me to heal and that was with arnica and bromelain. I bruise easily and 3 syringes is a lot, so my chin took quite the beating.

I had contacted the office to let them know that I was bruised and it was getting worse because I worried maybe I had a hematoma. When I called their office I spoke with their receptionist Jayme, who was rather rude and unprofessional stating that “That’s just what happens when you get filler and maybe you shouldn’t have gotten filler.” Well okay then….


$1760. It was by two get one free, so I got one syringe of Juvederm for free. The Juverderm lasts on average up to two years! The botox lasts anywhere from from 3-9 months it all depends on your bodies metabolism.

Apparently the price is only for the injections and forget about the aftercare you’re on your own. I think next time I’ll head to the Plastic Surgery Center Skin and Laser Center. The only reason I din’t initially go there was because they too were booked out so far in advance.


I love fillers. I’ve been won over. I’m definitely going to be that old lady with a face pumped full of fillers! JK, but really I truly believe if you have dermal fillers in moderation it makes such a beautiful yet very subtle effect. People notice they say you look slightly different but they can’t figure out what exactly it is. I also really love that I was able to try this out because I have an idea of what it would look like if I had a chin implant. I’m really leaning now towards a chin augmentation since the price of that in the long run would be much more cost effective, but for right now I’m pretty happy.

Notice in my before and after photos my chin is now slightly more pointy. It makes my heart shaped face more visible. I love it! The side profile is a huge improvement as well. I did not include photos because I’m very self conscious and don’t wish to feed the trolls. My results are subtle, and I’m pleased.

FTC: All thoughts and opinions are my own. I am not a paid sponsor, and I paid for my own dermal fillers using my own money.

Hey Beautiful! Thank you for reading!

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