Pixar movies are some of my all time favorite movies—Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo etc…! Talk about reliving my childhood 😀 I love family coordinating costumes especially when they’re characters from popular movies, so last year we dressed up as the characters from Monsters Inc. I wanted to share where I bought mine and Nolan’s costume and how I put Neveah’s simple Boo costume together.

Sully & Mike Wazowski:

I dressed up as Sully and Nolan as Mike Wazowski. I bought both of our costumes off Amazon.

Instead of purchasing a standard Sully costume I purchased the “Sassy Sully” costume because I wanted to look cute. :p I took it a step further and painted my face blue with purple spots, so it would match my costume. Halloween spirit has tons of great body and facepaints! 

Nolan’s Mike Wazowski costume came with cute little foot booties to match his costume and a little hat, but he wasn’t having it. I ended up putting on his black baby mocs, and he wore no hat. He still made an adorable Mike Wazowski, though.

Boo Costume:

I dressed Neveah up as Boo. I bought her pink T-Shirt at Macy’s. Purchase a shirt that’s a little on the larger side, so it fits almost like a dress for Boo’s costume. Complete it with purple jeggings and a white pair of sneakers.

For her hair I did two pigtails. I actually had her bangs cut like Boo, but if you don’t want to cut your childs hair they have bang hair extensions you can buy at Sally’s Beauty Supply.

Super easy and cute costume ideas! Every door we stopped to trick or treat at thought our costumes were adorable.


Hope you all have a safe and Happy Halloween!
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