Yes, I know it’s already April—April 8 to be exact, so forgive me for being late.

I got really caught up in planning my daughters birthday and setting up the giveaway.

You can check out my February Mommy Favorites here.

Anyways, I only have a few new favorites from last month that I’m loving.

Nature Made Fish Oil Adult Gummies, 90 Count

If you’re anything like me, then you’re probably thinking ew fish oil. 

Hear me out on these. I HATE fish oil myself. I specifically buy prenatal vitamins without it because it makes me so nauseated. I can’t stomach fish, sushi, or anything sea food.

My doctor told me I need to take fish oil, though.

Bae saw these last month at Target (they were on sale too), so he bought them. At first I though ewww gross. I had an instant flash back to when I was pregnant with my daughter and had bought some prenatal gummy’s because I couldn’t take pills. OH MY GOD. Those prenatal vitamin gummy’s were the most fucking disgusting thing ever. All I tasted was the fish oil. YUCK. I thought for sure these gummy fish oil vitamins were going to be disgusting.

Nonetheless I gave them a try, and to my surprise they did not taste fishy whatsoever!

I think it’s because they flavored them with strawberry, orange, and lemon.

I’m loving these right now. I take two a day, and I’m going to have to buy more soon because they’re almost gone.

Fish oil is really important for expectant and nursing mamas, so for all you moms out there who are like me and can’t stomach the thought of fish oil I suggest giving these a try!

Johnson’s, Baby Shampoo No More Tangles, Detangling Spray, 10 fl oz

I use this on my daughters hair. She has really fine and thin hair, so I find that conditioner makes it way too slick and slimy for some reason even when I rinse the hell out of the conditioner. I bought this, and now I just shampoo her hair, towel dry it, and then spray some of this. Works like magic.

One N Only Argan Oil 12-in-1 Daily Treatment 6oz

I actually got this product for FREE at Sally’s Beauty Supply. I bought the One ‘n Only Argan Heat Ceramic Taper Curling Iron from Sally’s. I used my beauty club card, and I received a free full set of one Argan oil  treatment, one Agran oil shampoo and conditioner.

At first I thought a 12-in-1 treatment seems kind of far fetched, but I really feel like this product does what it claims. I spray this on my hair when its damp, and I really notice a difference when I do and don’t use it. My hair looks a lot softer and shiner when I use it. It smells great too! I’ve also noticed a lot less breakage in my hair when I straighten or curl it.

I am absolutely loving this so far, and it’s under ten dollars! When I run out I know I can at least afford to buy some more. I hate when you get free products you love and want to buy yourself when you run out, but then you discover it’s costly. It sucks. That’s how companies and products get you sometimes.
I don’t really do my eyebrows to much because that takes some time and ain’t nobody got time for that. At least I don’t that’s why I always use Benefit Gimme Brow. My Gimme Brow was running out, so I figured I would try something different. I love the Anastasia dip brow, but I had never tried the brow wiz. When I went into Ulta the other day I bought my first ever brow wiz!

I really like it so far. I can’t explain it, but something about Anastasia’s brow pencils are very different than your average drug store brow pencils. I like this product a lot because it doesn’t leave your eyebrows looking scary harsh.

Next time I buy another one though I need to go a shade or two lighter because I got granite (the darkest shade). It was either that or medium brown (way too light) all the other shades were sold out, so I decided to go for the darker shade instead. It’s just a bit too dark for my eyebrows. I have to use it very light handily, but overall I like it and will be repurchasing.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker (Frustration Free Packaging)

This is Nolan’s favorite!

He’s been using this a lot the past couple of months. Bae’s parents bought it for Nolan as a Christmas gift.

A walker like this is a must have product for any parents with a 6 month-1 year old baby.

Nolan walks around everywhere with it! He just goes up and down and all around the house pushing his walker. It’s the cutest thing ever just watching him wobbling around with his walker. I love it because it’s really strengthening his little legs and helping him prepare for walking (which I know is coming soon).

And that’s it for my March mommy favorites. Again sorry for being late on the post.

Let me know of any products you are loving or any suggestions you may have beauty or baby related!

Disclaimer: All products mentioned were purchased using my own money or Bae bought it for me. Hehe. Links used are amazon affiliate links. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trades Commission. 

Hey Beautiful! Thank you for reading!

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