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I thought when the kids got a little older I would be able to blog more, but it’s kind of been the opposite. Neveah turns 5 tomorrow (I’m the mother of a 5-year-old! It’s so crazy to think about it), and Nolan turns three in 3 months. They need to be constantly entertained and doing something, so I guess for now I’ll have to wait until they’re in school to get a more structured blog schedule.

Anyways, here’s this month’s favorites.

1.) PAW Patrol® Boys’ Snack Tumbler 10oz Plastic

I bought Neveah one of these as well even though she drinks from a cup now. It’s a great sippy cup for the road or when you’re on a stroll. It holds a little snack and your drink.

2.) Women’s Quay Australia Vivienne 64Mm Aviator Sunglasses – Black/ Smoke

Not a huge fan of Quay as I’ve ordered twice from them before and both times the logo on my glasses broke off. I really wanted to get some new aviators for Spring/Summer and these had good reviews. I’ve had them for a month now, and I’m actually pleased. I ordered them from a third party seller not directly from Quay.

3.) Pelikus Medium Felt Purse Organizer Insert

March Favorites 2017I went around on Etsy looking for an organizer to organize my LV GM bag, but everything was too big. I wanted a smaller organizer that wouldn’t take up all the space in my bag as I have a few other things I like to keep in there as well. I purchased this off Amazon about two weeks ago, and I love it! It has lot’s of pockets and helps keep all my junk organized.

4.) Container Store- Basic Stackable Baskets

I saw this on Pinterest, so not my original idea. The baskets are from the Container Store. They’re the original basic stackable baskets (cost $5.99). They’re awesome for organizing kids indoor and outdoor toys. I’m using them to organize my children’s outdoor toys, and I have four of these in the backyard as well to organize their sand and pool toys.

This is also a good way to start showing your children how to organize. I always tell them everything has a place “home” where it belongs.

5.) Little Kids Nickelodeon Paw Patrol No-Spill Bubblin’ Bucket

My kids love playing with bubbles, but it’s always so messy. I bought this bucket at Target. I love that it’s spill free. It falls over and the soap doesn’t get everywhere.

6.) AmLactin Unscented Moisturizing Lotion – 14.1 oz

I have Keratosis Pilaris (KP). It’s a little annoying especially once spring and summer hits because it’s more noticeable. My mom calls it strawberry skin, but most people call it chicken skin. I bought a two pack of these on Amazon for $17. It helps quite a bit. I’ve been using it consistently for two months now. I noticed it helped my legs more than my arms. The KP on my arms is pretty stubborn no matter how much I exfoliate and moisturize. If anyone knows of something that has worked for their KP let me know!

Hey Beautiful! Thank you for reading!

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