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 Products Review

L’Oréal Paris Advanced Haircare Extraordinary Oil Transforming Oil-in-Cream – 5.1 oz • $5.99

It’s a one leave-in product with many transforming uses:

  • Before blow drying to lock in moisture
  • On dry hair to soften, smooth, and add shine
  • as a night treatment to rejuvenate

I tried this on dry hair first, and I found it made my hair a little too oily. My hair is pretty normal it’s neither oily nor dry. I do go about 2-3 days between washing, so sometimes it can get a little dry because of all the dry shampoo I use.

I really like using this product before I blow dry my hair. By the time I finish blow drying my hair looks shiny and feels soft.

L’Oreal Paris L’Oréal® Paris Advanced Haircare Extraordinary Oil Lustrous Oil Serum – 3.4 oz • $5.99

Ultra-light fast absorbing serum for silky shine. 

This product best worked on my hair when it was dry. I like using it after I curl my hair especially. You know sometimes after you curl your hair and hairspray it looks kind of dry and crunchy because of the hairspray? This adds some shine back into your hair without making it look like a greasy mess.

L’Oreal Paris L’Oréal® Paris Advanced Haircare Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Conditioner – 12.6 oz • $3.99

I love the conditioner it made my hair ultra soft; however, the shampoo was kind of a miss. Nothing groundbreaking there. I noticed one of the main ingredients listed is sulfate. 🙁 I do not like to use products with sulfate because they strip your hair of your natural oils. How ironic that this shampoo claims to be nourishing yet it contains sulfate.

L’Oreal Paris L’Oréal® Paris Advanced Haircare Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Shampoo – 12.6oz • $3.99

Lightweight formulas for silkier, softer, more lustrous hair.


I love L’Oreal cosmetics a lot better than I like their hair products. I will say their Advanced Haircare Extraordinary Oil Transforming Oil-in-Cream  and Advanced Haircare Extraordinary Oil Lustrous Oil Serum are really great for normal-dry hair. The conditioner is good if you’re on the market for a good drugstore conditioner, and the shampoo is meh. I’d prefer OGX shampoos (sulfate & paraben free!) for drugstore value, but I will finish using the L’Oreal shampoo. Can’t really complain too much about receiving free products right?

Again you don’t have to have a blog to be an influenster, so if you love to test out new products and write reviews online sign up to be an influenster. 🙂

FTC: Products provided courtesy of L’Oreal Paris for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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