I feel like I haven’t blogged in ages, but really it’s only been a week. I know I said this in my last life update, but I haven’t really blogged because I’ve been busy around the home, and I’m on week 3 of AlexaJeanFitness Sore To The Core workout (it’s really killing my abs but in a good way!).

We were super busy the past couple of weeks painting our home as well as cleaning out the garage. We even got a little bit of the backyard cleaned, but that’s going to be a huge project we’ll have to work on little by little.

Anyways just wanted to say thanks to the people who were checking in on me asking where I’ve been. I’ve been laying low off social media (other than snapchat) because I’m just kind of eh over it. I feel like too many people are consumed by social media. You know it’s the millennial mentality that if I didn’t instagram or tweet it it didn’t happen mentality. I’m just enjoying taking a break from my phone. I’ve said it before but the only reason why I’m even still on social media is because of my blog otherwise I wouldn’t bother.

ALSO I HAD A CONSULTATION today for a surgical procedure I have wanted to get done since I was 12. I’ll update more on that tomorrow! 🙂

Hey Beautiful! Thank you for reading!


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