I get asked a lot about what I’ve done to lose the “baby weight”, and if there’s anything special I do. And, honestly there’s nothing special or anything “new” that I do. I do NOT believe in body wrapping and corset training. I also don’t take any type of diet pills. The only pills I take are vitamins.

My workout routine and eating ( I hate calling it diet; I don’t view it as diet rather a lifestyle choice) are relatively simple, so I’m going to share with you guys some easy and helpful tips for getting back in shape after baby.

1.) Workout during your pregnancy

I cannot stress this enough. Make sure you talk to your Dr. about it first though, and he approves it. Most women can do light workouts such as running, pilates, yoga, and light weightlifting. If you were working out prior to your pregnancy you can continue to do what you were doing before as long as your doctor says it’s fine.

2.) When pregnant you are NOT eating for two

There’s a common misconception that when you’re pregnant you’re eating for two. Well you’re NOT. Your body only needs an extra 300 calories. The time you spend pregnant is actually a very crucial time in your life too ensure you eat healthy, so that you and your growing baby get all the right nutrients.

I’ve indulged in some cravings while pregnant, but I always watched what I ate. Develop a healthy meal plan and healthy snacks. My favorite snack while pregnant was cucumber slices with lemon and watermelon.

I only gained 16 lbs during my second pregnancy and GUESS WHAT MY BABY WAS A HEALTHY WHOPPING 8 LBS 15 OZ!

3.) Start walking

Okay, so maybe you didn’t exercise while pregnant and you ate pretty crappy. And now that you’ve given birth you feel pretty crappy and you’re body is not the same as pre-baby.

You can’t start working out until you’re about 6 weeks postpartum or a few weeks longer than that if you’ve had a c-section.

During this time I walked. I walked a lot. I would take Nolan in the stroller or in a baby wrap and just walk around the neighborhood.

4.) Breastfed if possible

Breastfeeding can burn 300-500 calories. I actually had a little pouch after giving birth, and a few days after giving birth the pouch went away. I credit that to constantly breastfeeding my newborn.

5.) Weight lift

I’ve always been more of a runner and cardio type of girl. I hate lifting, but trust me if you really want to get rid of that last baby weight or pouch you’re going to have to weight lift in order to tone up all your muscles.

I also did a lot of squats using my son as a weight when he was smaller.

6.) You don’t need a fancy gym or membership to workout. Workout at home. NO excuses.

Sometimes it can be discouraging because you can’t afford a gym membership or you have a baby at home and can’t find a sitter to watch him, so you feel like you can’t work out.

Two great Instagram pages to follow whose fitness routines I follow:

@home.exercises They post all kinds of videos from various instagram users all who do quick AT HOME workouts. It’s awesome, helpful, and very inspirational.

@alexjeanfitness She’s my inspiration. She too frequently posts at home workouts often her little girl joins her (it’s adorable).

I do all my working out at home with both my kids.

7.) Eat clean & drink lots of water

This was hard for me. I love candy and junk food. For some reason when I was pregnant I found it easy to healthy, but after giving birth I had a harder time. I’m young and have a fast metabolism, so I can literally eat like crap and not gain a pound. THAT DOESN’T MEAN I’M HEALTHY THOUGH IT MEANS I’M SKINNY FAT WHICH IS NOT GOOD.

I’ve noticed when I eat clean and stay away from fast food I tend to feel better and my body feels more energized. I also feel 100x better when I drink a lot of water, and I mean a lot of water.

You can actually work out very little and eat clean and lose more weight rather than working out like crazy and eating like crap. A lot of it is about your diet. The food you eat matters. You eat like crap you’re going to look and feel like crap. Plain and simple.

8.) Do NOT focus on a number

Seriously. Don’t. After giving birth I weighed 116 lbs. Keep in mind I’m 5’10. Although 116 may sound like a pleasing number it’s not. I was not at a healthy weight. I lost a lot of blood and fluids from giving birth. I now weigh 125 and am much healthier.

I actually want to tone up even more, so if I gain a few more pounds I won’t be upset because it’s not about having a low number on the scale. It’s all about being healthy. And muscle weighs more than fat, so don’t be so focused on losing a certain amount weight to hit a certain number.

I wish I had more to tell you guys, but really it’s up to each of us individually to get to where we want to be. Everyone’s version of healthy is different. And if you really want to lose the baby weight it’s going to take a lot of willingness and discipline. It’s not going to happen overnight either, so don’t buy into the hype of products that claim you’ll lose inches in 45 minutes (cough cough body wraps). 

I know this all sounds soooo simple, but in reality losing weight is hard especially after having kids. I get asked often about losing the baby weight, and I kind of feel guilty that my journey in losing the baby weight wasn’t as difficult as some other mom’s out there. So if you have an amazing weight loss story you would like to share with me and my readers please email me! I would love to have your story featured on my blog as inspiration.♡

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