I’ve had my Luxy Hair Extensions for a year now! Yes a whole year, and they’re still going strong. 😀 You can read my original review back when I first purchased them here. You can use my coupon code VIVIENNE for $$ off your order. 🙂

Today I wanted to show you guys how I clip in my Luxy Hair Extensions because the whole process takes about 5 minutes, and it’s super easy and simple.

For reference my Luxies are in the color mocha brown, and I have the 160 gram set. I recently had my hair colored about two weeks ago, so if my hair appears a little darker than my extensions that’s because it is. It usually takes about a month for the color to fade a little and then my extensions match perfectly.



Brush your hair, so it’s free of any tangles. You’re going to be working your way from the bottom up, so use a tail comb (or your fingers) to begin sectioning off your hair off. Section the hair at the nape of your neck, and use a clip to secure the remaining hair on top of your head. If you’re new to hair extensions don’t get frustrated practice takes perfect, and don’t worry about sectioning your hair off in a perfect line. 


(OPTIONAL: Before securing the clips use a teasing comb to tease the root of the hair to add volume and add hairspray to help further secure the clips.)

Using one of 3 clip wefts you have open the clips and secure them onto the hair as close as you can to the scalp, but not to close. You don’t want to grip the scalp. The clips should feel comfortable yet secure.


Release the hair you had secured at the top of your head and resection the hair once again. This time move an inch up from where you placed the first weft. Repeat step 2 this time using the 1 x 7″ inch weft (the smaller 4 clip weft).

NOTE: The placements of the wefts will slightly vary based on the size of your head. If you find the weft to be too large you may need to use the 3 clip weft. That’s okay. 🙂

Continue repeating step 3 until all the larger wefts have been placed.


PLACING HAIR AT THE SIDES: You should have the 2 x 4″ wefts and the 4 x 1″ wefts left. Section the hair at the sides of your head about two inches up from your ear. Clip in the 2 x 4″ wefts on the sides.


Some people like to use the 1″ wefts and some don’t. It’s up to you whether or not to use them. I personally use them because my bangs are not quite grown to the same length of my hair.

Section the sides again about 1/2 inch up from where you placed the 2 x 4″ wefts. Clip in the 1″ wefts.


Release whatever hair you still have clipped and you’re done! 🙂 Make sure to use a wide tooth comb to brush out any tangles and check the back of your head to make sure NO clips are showing! 


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