From the moment I cut my hair I knew it was a mistake!

I had long hair in middle school and at the end of my eight grade year I chopped it (like 18 inches off) to donate it to locks of love. I then had really short hair like 3 inches shorter than I have now. Since then it has taken me forever to grow my hair back. It was a good 5 years before I got my long beautiful thick hair back.

Last December I stupidly bleached the hell out of it. Huge mistake. My hair became incredibly damaged. Honestly, I didn’t have to cut off as much as I did, but I did it anyways. I wanted a “lob” (long bob), so I cut a whole 10 inches off my hair. 😮

Ever since cutting my hair short I’ve been researching and reading reviews from other blogs on hair extensions because I’m tired of having short hair. I desperately want my long hair back, and since it will take awhile to grow back my next quick option was to buy some hair extensions.

Sally’s Beauty Supply extensions are what I ended up purchasing because I had previously owned some and liked them. Additionally, I purchased some Luxy Hair Extensions after realizing the Sally’s one’s weren’t going to do it for me.



$159.99 not including tax. I had my Sally’s Beauty club card, so it was $139.99 for 80 grams of hair 🙁 Sally’s used to be really affordable. When I bought my first set of extensions it was these ones and they were only $90!

I bought them in the store, so I’m not sure how much shipping would be if you bought them online. That’s the only thing I like about Sally’s Beauty Supply extensions is that they’re local, and you can go to the store and color match your hair perfectly. You don’t have to take the online gamble.


The box is okay nothing special.

Hair Quality & Details:

100% Human Remy Hair.

Total weight: 80 grams    |  Length: 18″ inches | Total Pieces: 8
One 8” weft, One 7” weft, One 6” weft, One 5-3/4” weft, Four 1-1/2” wefts, and two 1” wefts without clips to test for color.

Right when I took them out of the box they were already shedding! My hubby, David,  asked me why the hell is the hair falling out already? I kid you not that a good chunk of hair on one of the extensions fell off! I was pissed. Not only that, but I noticed how thin the hair was. These extensions are not for medium-thick or thick hair. These extensions are for super fine and thin hair!

I was wrong to be so trusting of Sally’s Beauty Supply Extensions. Not only did the extensions shed, but they got so tangled when I wore them in my hair and then took them off. It was insane how tangled and messy the extensions got.

Never mind even wearing them out because 80 grams of hair extensions is nowhere near enough hair for me! It only covered half of my head. I looked so ridiculous. I would need two boxes of these crap extensions to cover my hair.

For $139 I got only 80 grams of hair—hair that was thin and already shedding like mad.

I used to love Sally’s Beauty Supply Extensions. Back in the day they were my go to. Sadly, the quality has changed and the prices have gone up now. These extensions were NOT worth the money, and the quality is horrible now. I was expecting a lot better, and I got really disappointed. 🙁

That’s when I started looking at other companies like Bellami Hair, Foxy Locks, Luxy Hair, and Dirty Locks. I chose not to go with Bellami, although they’re heavily marketed on Youtube because of the reviews I read on I finally decided after reading several reviews and watching YouTube videos to order the Luxy Hair Extensions.


The company is founded by sisters Leyla and Mimi. The sisters have their own YouTube channel which is cool. Leyla and Mimi show you all kinds of hairstyles you could do with your extensions, and they also have basic videos like choosing the right shade of extensions and how to clip extensions in for short hair.


$159 for 160 grams of hair You can use coupon code VIVIENNE for $$ off your order. 🙂

Shipping is free standard worldwide. I ordered my Luxy Hair Extensions on Monday and by Thursday they were delivered. I was so excited!


The piece in the photo below is a piece that is part of my set, but it was set apart. The reason for this is because human hair extensions are considered a hygienic product, so once opened or taken out of the package you cannot return them. I got to feel this piece and look at the color. Once I felt like everything was okay then I removed it from its backing.

Hair Details & Quality:

100% Human Remy hair.

Total weight: 160 grams    |  Length: 20″ inches | Total Pieces: 10
(1 x 8” weft | 1 x 7″ weft | 2 x 6” weft | 2 x 4”wefts | 4 x 1” wefts )

Mocha Brown Luxies
The clips

I was worried they would shed or get tangled (like the Sally’s ones), but so far none of that has happened.

The extensions have been very easy to manage. I combed through them with a wide tooth combed brush and straightened them before wearing. Very minimal shedding and no tangling whatsoever.

I was also worried about them not matching my hair color because my hair is very dark brown, but it is slowly fading that’s why I didn’t want to get black extensions. I love these extensions they’re exactly how Luxy Hair describes them: “this color is rich, deep and a true dark brown shade, with a hint of warm, red undertones, but can also appear to have ashier undertones when matched with hair colors void of any red undertones.” 

The amount of hair was perfect too it was more than enough to perfectly blend into my real hair.

I will do an update in about 6 months just to show you guys if these extensions last or not. I’ve only had my luxies for two weeks, so we’ll see how they hold up over time. Right now I’m very pleased with my purchase, though. I feel the money I paid was well worth it because I got an awesome amount of great quality hair.

I definitely give Luxy Hair extensions a ★4.5 out of 5 stars.★


You can also check out Luxy Hair on | Youtube |  Instagram | Twitter


FTC:   I purchased BOTH sets of extensions using my OWN money. I am NOT a sponsored affiliate with Sally’s Beauty Supply. Luxy Hair affiliate links used.  All opinions are 100% my own. I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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