In times of chaos I avoid going on social media. It only causes more turmoil, anger, and anxiety—at least that’s what it does for me. Seeing my Facebook timeline flooded with people from my hometown frantic about the Oroville Dam situation is extremely frightening. I still have family that lives in Gridley, Live Oak, and Yuba City.

For the people who don’t live in Northern California and fail to understand the Oroville Dam situation the Dam itself is not breaking IT IS THE SPILLWAY THAT IS IN DANGER OF FAILING. I hate to sound like President Petty, but please be careful of where you get your news from (no I’m not talking about CNN). I’m talking about those weird websites that you’ve never even heard of: click baity titles, only write one paragraph, slideshows of photos that aren’t even from the actual dam, and have ads placed in every other sentence. I see a lot of these website articles on Facebook. Be cautious and do your own research from credible news sources, so you’re aware of what is really going on.

Lastly, regardless of religion, race, or political affiliations please don’t call the spillway “liberal tears.” If you actually take a look at the counties in California the current counties being affected voted Republican. And no that does not mean it’s okay to say, “Well to hell with the Trump supporters.” 

Do not take a dire situation and undermine it. There at least 200,000 people’s homes and lives at stake. Have some compassion.

“The fact that we are human beings is infinitely more important than all the peculiarities that distinguish human beings from one another.”

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