My sweet baby girl started Kindergarten today. 😭 Time flies. I was high school when I get pregnant with her! When she graduates high school I’ll be 35. How crazy is that?! Some people don’t even have their first kid until they’re in their mid thirties. #youngmomlife.

I’m sure most people still view me as a kid as well, then again I’m not sure. I’ve often been told I act and look a lot older than I am. That’s thanks to my kids. They mature you quite a bit.

In her school uniform!

I’m incredibly proud of my little one. She’s sweet and intelligent. I wish I could keep her this age forever. Sadly I can’t, so I enjoy every day I can watching her learn and grow. One day she’ll be leaving the nest and then it will really hit me how grown up she is.

With her daddy❤️

I’m the mother of a kindergartner now! 😭

Hey Beautiful! Thank you for reading!

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