A couple months ago Bae bought me an acrylic makeup organizer to store and organize all my makeup. It was taking up a lot of space in our bathroom though, so I’ve been nagging Bae to get me a vanity.

There’s a few stores online that sell these really gorgeous ridiculously expensive vanity’s. I personally just can’t justify spending a couple thousands dollars on a vanity when I have two little ones.

Bae came up with idea of  just buying a simple desk, a mirror, and some lights to make a vanity!

I know he’s been looking around, and I’ve been nagging him. Well, he finally bought all the products for my vanity earlier this week as an early Christmas present to me!

I’m so ecstatic! 🙂

Updated photos as of 2017

I’m going to list as many products as I can, so if you’re someone whose on a budget or you just need ideas on how to put together your own vanity hopefully this helps you 🙂

The desk.

New Ikea Micke Computer Desk Workstation Black-brown
The Micke Drawer Unit

The second part to the desk is the Ikea Micke drawer unit/file storage. I actually love this little piece it’s perfect for storing all my hair care products (hairspray, mousse, dry shampoo, heat protectant sprays etc..)

The chair was $40 from Ross. There’s so many chairs and stools out there, so I might end up buying another one in the future, but for now I actually like the chair I have because it’s simple and small. Our bed sits close by, so I didn’t want a really bulky chair.

The acrylic nail polish rack.

The acrylic nail polish rack on the wall is amaze! I purchased it from Amazon for $35.99 (I’ve seen them on eBay too). It stores up to 102 bottles of nail polish. As you can clearly see in my photos I only have like 1/4 of that. I love it, though. It gives me room to collect more nail polishes.

The mirror in the middle is from Ross. Bae bought it for $16.99. There’s so many places out there where you can buy cheap mirrors like that, so look around carefully!

The lights above my mirror are from Home Depot. The fixture is a nickle finish and was $15. The bulbs which are white were not included, so Bae had to buy the bulb. Each bulb cost about $10.

I’ve seen some people use Christmas lights above their mirror to make it look like a vanity, and honestly it just looks so tacky! I think having the lights above or on the sides of a mirror and desk like this is what really makes it a vanity and really adds that beautiful touch. Seriously if you just buy a plain inexpensive desk invest in a cute light bulb fixture.

The small mirror that’s sitting on my desk is the “Conair Acrylic LED 8X mirror” Bae bought it from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. It was $99.99, but Bae had a coupon and we got it for $80. Tip: Bed, Bath, and Beyond will let you use coupons even after they expire and will let you use multiple coupons. I’ve seen lots of these mirrors everywhere! Look around, and I bet you can find a good deal on one.

This is my favorite part of my vanity.

Have you ever seen how Sephora displays their makeup brushes?! Love it!

That’s what I decided to do.

I purchased the two jars from Michaels, and I bought two bags of Diamond Filler by Ashland. I used the diamond crystals to fill the two jars, and then placed my makeup brushes inside. The crystals you see around the jars I put on myself. I bought some stickers they were called acrylic gem stickers.

I used a small cylinder vase to store all my beauty blender sponges, and a fish bowl jar to store my eos lip balms.

The candle bead plate I bought from Ross. I like to keep my favorite perfume and my makeup setting sprays on it as well as a small candle. I also have a small crystal clear ring holder where I place the rings I use the most.

I bought a small cupcake holder called the Terra Footed Dessert Dome – 9.75 Inches and use it to display my watch.

The two canvas photos are coloring my babies drew for me 🙂

This acrylic makeup organizer is called the eDiva. If you’ve been following my blog for awhile then you might have already read my review on my eDiva acrylic makeup organizer if not you can read it here. I love this organizer. Pictures just don’t do it justice. It’s huge and gorgeous! Literally all my makeup fits inside it. The lipstick acrylic holders that sit on top of my eDiva are from the Container Store.

My HotCube!

The candle holder, candle, and picture frame are all from Ross.

The acrylic tray that is holding all my Urban Decay palettes is from Target. I bought it from the office section for $5.

The acrylic hot tools holder is from CosmoCube. It’s called the HotCube and retails for $69. I absolutely love it! The big slot in the middle is to store your blow dryer and the two smaller slots can store either your hair straightener or curling iron.

*I did not purchase the one with the acrylic gems. I purchased the plain HotCube and placed the gems I mentioned earlier around my HotCube.

I’ll probably buy some more items and rearrange my vanity area again, but for now I’m very pleased with the outcome. Thank you Bae for buying me all these things right before Christmas. You know me all too well!

Hopefully this gives you some ideas if you’re looking to make your own vanity. There really is a million different things you can do and buy to make it your very own custom vanity. Try to look on Pinterest or watch some Youtube videos. That’s where I got most of my inspiration from 🙂

Disclaimer: All products were purchased by my boyfriend. Some products however contain affiliate links. As usual I ONLY recommend products that I use personally and would recommend to my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions guidelines concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising.

Hey Beautiful! Thank you for reading!

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