According to the Candies Foundation over 600,000 teenage girls (teenage is defined as ages 13-19) will get pregnant each year. Do you know how many teen moms graduate high school? Like actually graduate with a traditional high school diploma. Only 38%. That’s it. That’s a sad statistic isn’t it? In August of 2011 I became one of … Continue Reading

I love being a mom don’t get me wrong, but my children have turned simple every day tasks into difficult to achieve and accomplish tasks. I love both my kids to death, but some days they drive me crazy. I now realize the simplest things that I never even thought twice about before having kids … Continue Reading

Jacob, It’s been 2 ½ years now since you’ve seen Neveah. 2 ½ long years. Do you even know that last week was her third birthday? No call, not text, no birthday card, no nothing acknowledging Neveah. I wonder if you ever wonder when you’re alone if you think about Neveah. If you dream or imagine what she … Continue Reading

A few weeks ago I wrote about the pros of being a young mother because I love being a young mama, and young mothers need to be supported and not shamed. I also said I would address the cons (disadvantages) of being a young mother. I know some people might not be happy with me … Continue Reading