I feel like I haven’t blogged in ages, but really it’s only been a week. I know I said this in my last life update, but I haven’t really blogged because I’ve been busy around the home, and I’m on week 3 of AlexaJeanFitness Sore To The Core workout (it’s really killing my abs but in … Continue Reading


“How much do you charge?” the woman behind me at the checkout stand in Target asked me. I thought to myself do my yoga pants and stay at home mom t-shirt scream hooker to you?! “Excuse me?” I replied. “Oh sorry. I meant how much do you charge to watch per child?” she asked. “I’m … Continue Reading

One year ago today at 2:47 A.M you entered into this world. You’re a stubborn child. You went two days past your due date (I was so anxious and impatient for your arrival. I endured 12 long hours of back labor with you. Thankfully I was able to get you out in three pushes. As … Continue Reading

Being pregnant in high school in my experience was one thing, but being pregnant in college was a whole other experience. Dealing with pregnancy in college is tough work. Have you found yourself unexpectedly pregnant in college? You don’t want to quit school, but you’re also worried about how college and pregnancy can both be … Continue Reading