Finding out I was pregnant at 19 was one thing but finding out my little one had a birth defect, gastroschisis  was definitely another. On September 26th 2017 I found out I was pregnant. As many of you can imagine or have experienced I was scared and extremely surprised as I was on the depo-shot. I … Continue Reading

My sweet baby girl started Kindergarten today. 😭 Time flies. I was high school when I get pregnant with her! When she graduates high school I’ll be 35. How crazy is that?! Some people don’t even have their first kid until they’re in their mid thirties. #youngmomlife. I’m sure most people still view me as … Continue Reading

I feel like I haven’t blogged in ages, but really it’s only been a week. I know I said this in my last life update, but I haven’t really blogged because I’ve been busy around the home, and I’m on week 3 of AlexaJeanFitness Sore To The Core workout (it’s really killing my abs but in … Continue Reading


“How much do you charge?” the woman behind me at the checkout stand in Target asked me. I thought to myself do my yoga pants and stay at home mom t-shirt scream hooker to you?! “Excuse me?” I replied. “Oh sorry. I meant how much do you charge to watch per child?” she asked. “I’m … Continue Reading