Have you watched that episode “Little Blo Bleep” on Modern Family? It’s the one where the little girl Lilly drops the F-bomb! I thought it was kind of funny, and I’m glad Modern Family aired an episode with a situation featuring Lilly being a potty mouth. I’m not going to lie that I curse…I curse … Continue Reading

Yesterday we finally cut little Nolan’s hair!!! 😮 I’m sad because I wanted to wait until his first birthday to do it, but his hair was starting to get really long. I know for some people when to cut your little one’s hair can be a controversial issue. My way of thinking is you do … Continue Reading

I saw this idea on Pintrest, so I thought I would try it for Nolan. He’s been drooling a lot and chewing on his hands at all times. We have the Hylands Teething Tablets, but they only help temporarily. This is my version of a Momsicle: 1.) What I did instead of using a bottle … Continue Reading

Last Wednesday, we took Neveah to the dentist for a cleaning. This was her second time actually. The first time we took her the dentist back in April the dentist couldn’t do much because Neveah was scared and would not hold still. She did so much better this time, though. I’m very proud of her. … Continue Reading