We’ve been putting Nolan in his room for nap time with Neveah as a way to get him used to the transition from being in our bed to his own bed. We finally decided it was time to let Nolan sleep in the room with Neveah at night especially now that he is weaned from … Continue Reading

One of my New Year’s goals (I call them goals not resolutions) is to have Nolan weaned. Well I got him down to only night feedings, and I finally decided this past Sunday we would go cold turkey. No more boobie I told him. He was pretty devastated at first, and my breasts became incredibly … Continue Reading

I’ve been trying unsuccessfully for the past month to ween my 16 month old son, Nolan. I thought weaning him would be easy. I even thought he would maybe wean himself, but he’s showing no signs of wanting to be weaned anytime soon. So, I feel kind of stuck, and conflicted. I want to personally … Continue Reading

You might hear about it and read about the benefits of breastfeeding. Your doctor might even tell you that it’s what’s best, but nobody really supports you or fully educated you on the benefits of breastfeeding your baby.┬áThere’s not a lot of resources nor support out there for teen and young mothers who want to … Continue Reading