Off the Grid is a San Francisco based company that started in 2010. They currently operate in over 27 cities and have over 45 weekly locations. They provide street food vendors and live music. There’s currently 6 locations throughout the Sacramento Region you can attend: River Walk, every Sunday 11 a.m-4p.m Crocker, every Tuesday 5-9p.m … Continue Reading

According to Neveah Santa likes cookies, but she also requested Santa have some carrots! I don’t why. Maybe she’s confusing him with the Easter bunny?!:D She just told me she thinks Santa would love some carrots, so we cut up some carrots for Santa. Hopefully Santa likes them! I also helped her write a note to … Continue Reading

This year we decided we would take our Christmas photos in a studio, and we would keep it simple. I thought everything would go well except… My dress was one size too big. It’s a medium, but it just fit me odd. A small would’ve been better; however, I ordered it online and it was … Continue Reading


We went to Dave’s pumpkin patch about two weeks ago which is a pumpkin patch near our home. Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm is a large pumpkin farm I frequently visited as a child, and we did take the kids last year, so I definitely wanted to take them again this year. It’s about a 45 minute … Continue Reading