I’ve actually had this post sitting in my drafts since June of last year! Can you believe that?! You would think it would be easy to give a play by play on how my day goes, but the truth is it’s not. Every time I got the chance to blog I ended up working on … Continue Reading

“How much do you charge?” the woman behind me at the checkout stand in Target asked me. I thought to myself do my yoga pants and stay at home mom t-shirt scream hooker to you?! “Excuse me?” I replied. “Oh sorry. I meant how much do you charge to watch per child?” she asked. “I’m … Continue Reading

One of my New Year’s goals (I call them goals not resolutions) is to have Nolan weaned. Well I got him down to only night feedings, and I finally decided this past Sunday we would go cold turkey. No more boobie I told him. He was pretty devastated at first, and my breasts became incredibly … Continue Reading

I’ve been trying unsuccessfully for the past month to ween my 16 month old son, Nolan. I thought weaning him would be easy. I even thought he would maybe wean himself, but he’s showing no signs of wanting to be weaned anytime soon. So, I feel kind of stuck, and conflicted. I want to personally … Continue Reading