The following is a review on NatureBox’s free trial box. My box was completely free because I took advantage of their free trial box. I am not sponsored nor affiliated with Naturebox. All opinions are 100% my own. NatureBox is a monthly subscription healthy snack box. You can choose to receive 3 snacks per box … Continue Reading

I’ve had this post sitting in my drafts for awhile now. I’ve honestly been kind of scared to publish this. I guess because I feel ashamed to admit that I’ve struggled really bad with depression following my sons birth. I wrote this post around the time of Robin Williams suicide and after reading all of … Continue Reading

Why can’t mother nature just text me every month and say, “Hey, girl! You’re not prego this month. TTY next month k :).” Wouldn’t that be lovely then women wouldn’t have to have a menstrual cycle. Before having my two children my periods had always been pretty regular with mild cramps. Since having two kids … Continue Reading

I want to talk about the company “It Works” and their stupid body wraps that everyone and their mom is claiming helps them lose weight. I’ve been approached on numerous occasions by women who want me to represent for the company “It Works body wraps”. I always tell them NO. I will NOT represent a … Continue Reading