When I was a single mom and it was just me and Neveah I had horrible eating habits. Surprisingly I was still pretty thin. I was by no means fat, but I was nowhere near healthy. I kid you not when I say I used live on McDonald’s, fruit roll ups, and Starbucks frappuccinos. I … Continue Reading

Before having kids I never really had a problem with being anxious. Even after having my first child (Neveah), I never experienced anxiety. After having my second (Nolan) I struggled with postpartum depression. I didn’t realize it at the time, but now looking back I realize some of the things I was and still am experiencing is anxiety.

Yes, that is my x-ray image. Can you spot the extra tooth creeping? 😀 Isn’t it bad enough that I have a slight overbite that makes me look like Bucky? Now I also have a random extra tooth. That’s not the issue, though. The issue is the way my face is structured has caused me to develop a nasty little thing called TMJ.   … Continue Reading

I get asked a lot about what I’ve done to lose the “baby weight”, and if there’s anything special I do. And, honestly there’s nothing special or anything “new” that I do. I do NOT believe in body wrapping and corset training. I also don’t take any type of diet pills. The only pills I … Continue Reading