This past Thursday marked 6 weeks since my BA. I feel as though time is going by extremely slow. My recovery has been pretty good overall. I still feel some tightness in my chest, but I’m extremely happy. No regrets whatsoever. I haven’t blogged much about my experience because I really haven’t had the time too. … Continue Reading

Today marks two weeks since my breast augmentation surgery. Time feels like it’s going by incredibly slow. I’m beyond impatient. It’s a little rough knowing that you have to wait weeks-months before you see your breasts start to drop. I’m still swollen on my right breast. My left I can tell is dropping quicker than … Continue Reading

Yesterday marked my one week since getting my breast augmentation! It was a long and slow week for me. The first three days were rough by the fourth day it got a bit easier. You don’t realize how much you use your pectoral muscles in your every day to life. Simple tasks such as getting … Continue Reading

Yesterday, I went through with breast augmentation surgery. I want to share my experience as thoroughly as I can with you guys, and I will also be sharing (password protected) photos with some of my followers in about a month. I’m having trouble writing this, so I’ll do another post and an FAQ in about … Continue Reading