Who remembers that episode in Sex and The City where Carrie’s  laptop crashes, and she realizes she hadn’t back up her work. Total gasp! Right?! Like who doesn’t back up their work. SMH Carrie.  Well…no one talks about how to backup your work. OR how you should not just have one backup file, but multiple … Continue Reading

I know it’s been awhile since I blogged, but I do still keep up on top of my blog with maintenance and updates. Long story short….some updates went wrong today, some files were lost, and some were deleted…my blog was a mess today. A lot of my posts were missing. Thankfully I was able to … Continue Reading

A couple of months ago I hit a creative rut. I felt kind of stuck in the blogging world, and it became very discouraging. Every time a stranger asks me “What do you for a living,” I answer stay at home mom because blogger—well I know most people think… “Oh you’re a person who blogs as … Continue Reading

When I first started by blog back in September of 2014 I didn’t think too much about privacy or safety. I figured only a few close friends and family would read my blog. It wasn’t until a few months after I started my blog that I found out David’s ex-wife had found my blog. She … Continue Reading