Blog Update

It’s been almost three years since I first purchased the domain I could’ve taken all sorts of different approaches with this blog. I could’ve made … Continue Reading

In times of chaos I avoid going on social media. It only causes more turmoil, anger, and anxiety—at least that’s what it does for me. Seeing my Facebook timeline flooded with people from my hometown frantic about the Oroville Dam situation is extremely frightening. I still have family that lives in Gridley, Live Oak, and … Continue Reading

I saw a young boy on FOX news last night. He claimed he started one of the fires at a protest. He was pretty proud of it telling the reporter, “Screw our president.” Remember wanting our president to fail is like wanting a pilot to crash the plane WE ARE ALL ON. At this point … Continue Reading

Who remembers that episode in Sex and The City where Carrie’s  laptop crashes, and she realizes she hadn’t back up her work. Total gasp! Right?! Like who doesn’t back up their work. SMH Carrie.  Well…no one talks about how to backup your work. OR how you should not just have one backup file, but multiple … Continue Reading