One of my New Year’s goals (I call them goals not resolutions) is to have Nolan weaned. Well I got him down to only night feedings, and I finally decided this past Sunday we would go cold turkey. No more boobie I told him. He was pretty devastated at first, and my breasts became incredibly engorged that I ran a fever and couldn’t even move. My breasts felt like cement blocks stuck to my chest.

It didn’t help that on Monday I had to go to my OBGYN to get my depo shot. After I receive the shot my breasts tend to get extremely sore. I didn’t think my breasts could get any more sore and painful than they already were, but while at Starbucks I started to feel the shot kick in. My breasts began feeling like someone was stabbing my chest. I had a cold ice water I put inside my shirt once we got to the car, and I took an ibuprofen.

Later that day we went to Target to get more ibuprofen, and I decided I would buy a cabbage because you know I read online that cabbage leaves can help relieve breast engorgement.

As soon as we got home I ran into the bathroom, and took a warm shower. While in the shower I brought my manual breast pump and pumped about 1 oz of milk on each breast. It helped a little but not much. It is okay to express  a little milk to relieve yourself, but you do have to be careful not to pump too much because it sends your body a signal to produce more milk.

After the shower I put on a loose-fitting nursing bra and a couple of room temperature cabbage leaves.

I know it sounds odd and kind of gross, but it actually WORKED. RELIEF. 

I’ve been doing the cabbage thing three times a day for about twenty minutes.

It’s now Thursday, and I’m feeling much better. The first three days were rough for me. I had a fever the first night, and all the other days my breasts were so engorged it was painful to move.

Nolan has surprisingly done well. The first day he cried a little, but after about 10 minutes he finally fell asleep with his sippy cup.

He still pulls my shirt down and he says, “Boo mama.”The little puppy face that absolutely breaks my heart, but I know he doesn’t need it. He gets plenty of vitamins and nutrients through the food we give him. Nolan was mainly using the boob as a comfort thing kind of like a binky.

I’m so incredibly proud of Nolan. He did way better than Neveah did when I had to wean her cold turkey (I found out I was pregnant with Nolan so I had to get Neveah weaned for medical reasons). The only difference I notice now between weaning Neveah and Nolan is that after four days of weaning Neveah my milk completely dried. It’s been 5 days now, and although I’m not engorged my breasts still have quite a bit of milk. I’m not sure how long it’s going to take for supply to dry completely so we’ll see in due time.

I’m more depressed than usual. I feel like I just cut the umbilical cord off my son. Our little special bonding time is now over, and it’s kind of sad to think about.  I’ve got plenty of photos of me nursing out in public and whatnot. I just wish I would’ve done some photography nursing session with him. You know those beautiful shots where the woman is out in nature nursing her baby. I’ve even seen some where the woman is even dressed as a mermaid.  So beautiful. I wish I had done something like that, but oh well.

I’ve got plenty of beautiful moments captured on and off the camera with my son to cherish forever.

First and last time nursing Nolan…bittersweet.

Hey Beautiful! Thank you for reading!

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