Today marks two weeks since my breast augmentation surgery. Time feels like it’s going by incredibly slow. I’m beyond impatient. It’s a little rough knowing that you have to wait weeks-months before you see your breasts start to drop. I’m still swollen on my right breast. My left I can tell is dropping quicker than my right.

Both breasts feel equally sore. I have a wider range of arm movements now, so that’s good. I still have to wear this ugly granny support bra for 4 more weeks. I’m wearing the compression band on and of for the rest of the week until I see my Dr. My next appointment is the following week, so we’ll see how things are going in his opinion.

It’s odd knowing that I have this foreign substance in me that I willingly chose to put in. I wake up in the morning and feel like my breasts are on fire. The feeling eventually subsides with ice packs. I realize it takes time to heal, but it’s hard having to wait. I have very little bruising and they don’t feel rock hard so that’s good. My two biggest fears are capsular contracture or getting a hematoma.

My back and my neck are also adjusting to having some extra weight. I’ve actually only gained 2 lbs since surgery. I went in weighing 118 lbs. I’ve been weighing myself every day about three times a day just for reference purposes. The week of my surgery I was on my menstrual cycle and constipated so I gained 10 lbs! I weighed 128 lbs. I was kind of freaking out thinking it was my heavy boobs. Alas it was not. Breasts actually don’t weigh that much.

They’re not as huge as they look either. I’m 120 lbs and 5’10. I’m tall, but as my Dr stated I’m “petite.” My frame and bone structure is small, so they give the illusion of being overly large. They’re actually a perfect size for my frame!

breast augmentation two weeks post op
Two weeks Post Op (Right side view) The right boob you can see is more swollen up top.

You look at someone like Khloe Kardashian who’s also 5’10 and claims to be a size 4 like me you kind of just roll your eyes because you can tell she’s tall but big framed. She’s at least a size 8. Nothing wrong with that. I just can’t stand when people especially celebrities lie.

We all know you weren’t born that way. We’re not stupid we have google search and we can see the before photos. I find it kind of offensive that some people think we’re that gullible and stupid to believe that. That goes for some of  the other bloggers I know of especially the so-called mommy mormon bloggers. I’m seriously side eyeing the hell out of you if you think Kylie Jenner hasn’t had a MASSIVE amount of plastic surgery done. No ONE and I mean NO ONE goes up three cup sizes because of their menstrual cycle. That is called implants most likely saline since she’s not 22 and the FDA only regulates silicone for patients over the age of 22 unless it’s for reconstructive purposes.

I’m happy so far with how my breasts look and I really don’t care if you like them or not. Some women who I thought were my friends have really showed me their ugly green colors the past couples of weeks. I appreciate the women who have been nothing but supportive and nice. is a great resource if you’re thinking about going through with a BA surgery or if you’ve already done it there’s lots of women on there with helpful advice. is also one of my favorites since you actually have helpful plastic surgeons on there who answer your questions.

Envy is the art of counting another one’s blessings instead of you own.

I’ll do a FAQ next week, but if you have any questions about the surgery or recovery you can contact me through my blog or social media. 🙂

Hey Beautiful! Thank you for reading!

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